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At the Café by Édouard Manet, circa 1879

Beer is an alcoholic beverage produced by the brewing and fermentation of starches from cereal grains—most commonly malted barley, although wheat, maize (corn), rice, and oats are also used. The fermentation of the starch sugars in the wort produces ethanol and carbonation in the beer. Beer is one of the oldest alcoholic drinks in the world, the most widely consumed, and the third most popular drink after water and tea. Most modern beer is brewed with hops, which add bitterness and other flavours and act as a natural preservative and stabilising agent. Other flavouring agents, such as gruit, herbs, or fruits, may be included or used instead of hops. In commercial brewing, natural carbonation is often replaced with forced carbonation.

Some of the earliest writings refer to the production and distribution of beer: the Code of Hammurabi included laws regulating it, and "The Hymn to Ninkasi", a prayer to the Mesopotamian goddess of beer, a recipe for it.

Beer is distributed in bottles and cans and is also commonly available on draught, particularly in pubs and bars. The brewing industry is a global business, consisting of several dominant multinational companies and many thousands of smaller producers ranging from brewpubs to regional breweries. The strength of modern beer is usually around 4% to 6% alcohol by volume (ABV).

Beer forms part of the culture of many nations and is associated with social traditions such as beer festivals, as well as activities like pub crawling, pub quizzes, and pub games. (Full article...)

A mug of mint kvass and its ingredients

Kvass is a fermented cereal-based low-alcoholic beverage of cloudy appearance and sweet-sour taste.

Kvass originates from northeastern Europe, where grain production was considered insufficient for beer to become a daily drink. The first written mention of kvass is found in Primary Chronicle, describing the celebration of Vladimir the Great's baptism in 996. In the traditional method, kvass is made from a mash obtained from rye bread or rye flour and malt soaked in hot water, fermented for about 12 hours with the help of sugar and bread yeast or baker's yeast at room temperature. In industrial methods, kvass is produced from wort concentrate combined with various grain mixtures. It is a popular drink in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Moldova, some parts of Finland, Sweden, and China. (Full article...)

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Bira 91 is an Indian craft beer brand manufactured by B9 Beverages Pvt. Ltd., launched in 2015. Made from wheat, barley and hops, the beer is available in draft, 330ml, 650ml bottles and 500ml cans. (Full article...)

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William McEwan (/məˈkjuːɪn/) (16 July 1827 – 12 May 1913) was a Scottish politician and brewer. He founded the Fountain Brewery in 1856, served as a member of parliament (MP) from 1886 to 1900, and funded the construction of the McEwan Hall at the University of Edinburgh. (Full article...)
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The Bearded Bee Brewery in March 2023
Bearded Bee Brewing Company is a brewery located in Wendell, North Carolina. Since opening on July 31, 2020, the brewery has involved itself with the community by participating in town events, hosting food trucks, and supporting local beekeeping efforts to become a major community gathering place within the town. (Full article...)

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Terrapin Brewing Co. Rye Squared Imperial Pale Ale
Terrapin Brewing Co. Rye Squared Imperial Pale Ale
Terrapin Brewing Co. Rye Squared Imperial Pale Ale
Credit: Joe
Terrapin Brewing Co. Rye Squared Imperial Pale Ale

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It is nice when you can sit back with some friends, drink some beer and have a good time.
— Dave Matthews

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