Chang King Hai

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Chang King Hai
Traditional Chinese張金海
Simplified Chinese张金海

Chang King Hai, also romanizated as Cheong Kam-hoi,[1] was a Chinese professional footballer who played at the 1948 Olympics.

Club career[edit]

Born and started his career in Shanghai, he moved to Hong Kong, in the British Empire due to the Second Sino-Japanese War.[2]:14 He was a player of Eastern in the 1939–40 season.[1]

International career[edit]

Chang represented China at the 1948 Olympics.

He also represented Hong Kong in 1949 Hong Kong–Vietnam Interport against Saigon in 1949.[3] Both teams were not a member of FIFA at that time.

Personal life[edit]

His sons Cheung Chi Doy and Cheung Chi Wai were born in Hong Kong, but represented Republic of China (Taiwan), instead of Hong Kong or People's Republic of China.[4]


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