Channel One Cup (ice hockey)

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Channel One Cup
First Channel Cup 2010 (ice hockey).JPG
The Channel One Cup trophy in 2010
Genresporting event
Inaugurated1967 (1967)

The Channel One Cup (Russian: Кубок Первого канала, formerly Izvestia Trophy) is an annual ice hockey event held in Russia under the auspices of Channel One. It is an open tournament of teams representing various nations, composed of professionals playing in European professional hockey leagues.


The tournament started in 1967 in Moscow in the Soviet Union. The first edition of the tournament was held in 1967, in honour of the 50th anniversary of the so-called Great October Socialist Revolution. It was the only time when the tournament was held in different cities at one time, namely in Moscow, Leningrad and Voskresensk. Six teams participated back then; two USSR teams, two ČSSR teams, as well as Canada and Poland. Sweden and Germany declined the invitation.[1]

The tournament is played in December every year, except for 1974 to 1975 when its matches were spread out during the season. In 1992, the tournament was played in Saint Petersburg and as of 2000 some of its matches have been played in other European countries of the participating teams. During the 1970s and 1980s, the cup was often commonly referred to as "The Little World Championships". Since 1996 it is part of the Euro Hockey Tour.

Tournament name[edit]

The name of the tournament has changed several times during its entire history:

  • International Moscow Tournament (1967–1968)[1][2]
  • Izvestia Trophy (1969–1996)
  • Baltica Brewery Cup (1997–2002)
  • Moscow International Tournament (2003)
  • Rosno Cup (2004–2005)
  • Channel One Cup (2006–present)


Year Winner Runner-up 3rd place 4th place
1967  Soviet Union A  Soviet Union B  Czechoslovakia B  Czechoslovakia A
1968  Soviet Union A  Soviet Union B  Finland -
1969  Soviet Union  Canada  Czechoslovakia  Sweden
1970  Czechoslovakia  Soviet Union  Sweden  Finland
1971  Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia  Finland  Sweden
1972  Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia  Sweden  Finland
1973  Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia  Finland  Poland
1974  Czechoslovakia  Soviet Union  Sweden  Finland
1975  Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia  Sweden  Finland
1976  Soviet Union  Sweden  Czechoslovakia Canada Winnipeg Jets
1977  Czechoslovakia  Soviet Union  Sweden  Finland
1978  Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia  Canada  Sweden
1979  Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia  Finland  Sweden
1980  Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia  Finland  Sweden
1981  Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia  Sweden  Finland
1982  Soviet Union  Finland  Czechoslovakia  Sweden
1983  Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia  Sweden  Finland
1984  Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia  Finland  Sweden
1985  Czechoslovakia  Soviet Union  Sweden  Canada
1986  Soviet Union  Canada  Sweden  Czechoslovakia
1987  Canada  Soviet Union  Sweden  Czechoslovakia
1988  Soviet Union  Sweden  Czechoslovakia  Canada
1989  Soviet Union  Czechoslovakia  Finland  Canada
1990  Soviet Union  Sweden  Czechoslovakia  Finland
1991 No tournament held due to the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
1992  Russia II  Czechoslovakia  Russia I  Sweden
1993  Russia I  Russia II  Sweden  United States
1994  Russia  Czech Republic  Finland  Sweden
1995  Russia  Czech Republic  Sweden  Canada
Part of the Euro Hockey Tour
1996  Sweden  Russia  Finland  Czech Republic
1997  Czech Republic  Russia  Sweden  Finland
1998  Sweden  Czech Republic  Finland  Russia
1999  Russia  Czech Republic  Finland  Sweden
2000  Russia  Czech Republic  Finland  Sweden
2001  Czech Republic  Russia  Sweden  Finland
2002  Czech Republic  Finland  Russia  Slovakia
2003  Finland  Czech Republic  Russia  Sweden
2004  Russia  Finland  Czech Republic  Sweden
2005  Russia  Finland  Sweden  Czech Republic
2006  Russia  Finland  Sweden  Czech Republic
2007  Russia  Finland  Czech Republic  Sweden
2008  Russia  Finland  Czech Republic  Sweden
2009  Finland  Russia  Czech Republic  Sweden
2010  Russia  Czech Republic  Sweden  Finland
2011  Sweden  Czech Republic  Russia  Finland
2012  Russia  Sweden  Finland  Czech Republic
2013  Czech Republic  Finland  Russia  Sweden
2014  Russia  Finland  Sweden  Czech Republic
2015  Czech Republic  Sweden  Finland  Russia
2016  Sweden  Russia  Finland  Czech Republic
2017  Russia  Czech Republic  Finland  Sweden
  • Winner, runner-up and third place is determined by total standing after a round-robin style of play. If teams are tied in points, the standing is determined by won games between the tied teams.

Medal table[edit]

Pos Team Gold Silver Bronze Total
1  Soviet Union
 Russia I
33 10 5 48
2  Czechoslovakia
 Czech Republic
9 21 9 39
3  Sweden 4 5 18 27
4  Finland 2 9 16 27
5  Soviet Union B
 Russia II
1 3 0 4
6  Canada 1 2 1 4
7  Czechoslovakia B 0 0 1 1
Total 50 50 50 150

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