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Chandu Chekaver, also known as Chathiyan Chanthu(Chandu the betrayer), is a warrior mentioned in the folk songs of Northern Kerala called Vadakkan Pattukal, who belongs to Thiyya/Ezhava community, supposedly lived in the 16th century in Kadathanad North Malabar, in South India.

According to the ballads, Chandu was a Chekaver (warrior), like his cousins Aromal Chekavar and Unniyarcha. Chandu Chekaver secretly hated Aromal's family because his love for Unniyarcha was spurned. This leads to him taking part as Aromal's helper in a duel ("Ankam") with Aringodar Chekaver. Chandu chekavar allies with Aringodar chekavar and sabotages Aromal's sword by replacing the metal rivets holding the blade to the hilt with wooden ones.During the duel the blade get separated but Aromal picks up the blade and throws it at Aringoder killing him. After that Aromal won, Chandu takes matters into his own hands and unexpectedly stabs his cousin to death. Henceforth, the word Chathiyan, meaning "Betrayer", is added to his name to indicate his infamy. Unniyarcha, herself a warrior and Aromal's sister, vows revenge for her brother's life. Revenge is finally achieved when her son Aromalunni Chekaver challenges Chandu to a duel and kills him.[1]

Popular culture[edit]

Oru Vadakkan Veeragatha, the Malayalam movie released in 1989, shows a different angle of Chandu portrayed by Mammootty

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