Charlie Kadau

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Charlie Kadau
Born Charlie Kadau
Known for Senior Editor, MAD magazine

Charlie Kadau, is an American comedy writer and editor. Along with his writing partner, Joe Raiola, Kadau has been a member of the editorial staff of Mad magazine since 1985 and currently holds the title of Senior Editor.[1]

Early life[edit]

Born in 1956, Kadau grew up in Staten Island, NY, graduating from Tottenville High School in 1974.[2] He attended Hofstra University from 1974 through 1978, graduating with a degree in Communications.[3]

Writing career[edit]

After graduating from Hofstra University in the late 1970s,[3] Kadau found his niche in 1985 when he his long-time writing partner, Joe Raiola sold their first article to Mad Magazine, "The Mad "Don't" Book - Chapter 1: What Not to Do at a Funeral".[4] Shortly after, the two became members of "the Usual Gang of Idiots",[5] eventually rising to their current positions of Senior Editors.[1] To date, Kadau (along with Joe) has appeared on the masthead of the magazine over 250, a total surpassed by only 5 other people.[1]

Kadau, writing for the magazine as a team with Raiola and separately, has been responsible for over 130 articles and covers.[4] Among his best known MAD pieces is The Belching Dragon, (written with Raiola) a parody of a Chinese take-out menu. The targets of his comedic wit have included the NRA, Indiana Jones, cigarette warning labels, Gary Hart, "The Simpsons", Madonna, and "Star Wars".[4]