Charmed: Season 9

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Charmed: Season 9
Trade paperback cover of Charmed Volume 1 published by Zenescope Entertainment
Publication information
Publisher Zenescope Entertainment
Schedule Monthly
Publication date June 16, 2010—October 3, 2012
Number of issues 24
Main character(s) Phoebe Halliwell
Piper Halliwell
Paige Matthews
Creative team
Writer(s) Paul Ruditis
Raven Gregory (0–3)
Penciller(s) Dean Kotz (9, 12, 14–18, 20 & 21)
Dave Hoover (0–3)
Marcio Abreu (4, 5 & 7)
Tess Fowler (6, 11 & 19)
Reno Maniquis (10 & 13)
Carlos Granda (8)
Rubine (22–24)
Letterer(s) Jim Campbell
Colorist(s) Milen Parvanov (1–4 & 7)
John Hunt (5, 6 & 8)
Michael Spicer (14–18)
Joshua Wentzell (18)

Charmed: Season 9 is a comic book series that is published monthly by Zenescope Entertainment, which owns the publishing rights to the Charmed comic book series.[1] The series is an officially licensed continuation of the popular television series of the same name, which ended its eight-year run in 2006.[2] Charmed: Season 9 is set eighteen months after the events of the television show's final episode. The first issue was released on July 21, 2010.[3] The series finished with the season finale issue, "The Power of 300".


Arc One (Issues 1–5)[edit]

Set eighteen-months after "Forever Charmed", the sisters have each entered into motherhood free of demons. Piper has had a third child, a girl named Melinda and is planning on opening her own restaurant.[4] Phoebe has had her first daughter with Coop named Prue and is preparing to return to work.[4] Paige has had twin girls with Henry Mitchell and is also working as a whitelighter and is seen helping Leo at Magic School with his students.[4] Meanwhile two new warlocks named Neena and Hogan begin implementing a plan to revive one of the sisters' greatest foes.[4] The first arc begins with Piper and Phoebe attending the funeral of Brittany, the first "innocent" that they ever saved. Meanwhile Paige visits her latest charge, a high school bully named Brent who is a witch, who is later targeted and murdered by the warlocks Neena and Hogan.[5] While searching the Book of Shadows for clues to Brittany's death, Phoebe receives a powerful premonition which shows her that every single innocent and charge saved by the sisters over the past nine and a half years is in grave danger.[5]

While Piper and Paige attempt to gather as much information about their past innocents current whereabouts, Phoebe finds her empathy power has returned as she conducts the wedding of Romeo & Juliet.[6] Piper and Paige arrive at the home of Tyler Michaels, a teenage firestarter whom they saved from The Source many years ago.[6] They find him under attack from demons who want his blood in order to perform a ritual which involves using the blood of the innocent and the soil of the ancient burial ground in order to revive The Source.[6] Meanwhile Paige receives a new power in the form of a force field called an orb shield.[6] The Charmed Ones later gather at the manor where they realize that they must protect their past innocents and go back to fighting evil, however they are unaware that Neena and Hogan's plan to resurrect The Source has been successful.[6] Later in the first arc, Neena and Hogan watch as The Source prepares to take his vengeance on the sisters, before discussing their own plans in secret.[7] When The Source makes himself known to the sisters and attacks them on the street outside the manor with a huge fireball, Piper attempts to attack him and discovers that she has a new power, which causes the street to melt while binding onto The Source causing him to get stuck.[7] The sisters escape for Magic School where they are greeted by their husbands. After pondering how The Source has returned, Leo explains that there must always be a "source of evil" as long as evil exists in the world. Piper dismisses that fact saying that they are going to put an end to The Source once and for all.[8] Gathering magic from all of their supernatural allies and using it in tandem with the "Power of Three", The Charmed Ones effectively vanquish The Source once again.[8]

Arc Two (Issues 6–12)[edit]

The second arc from the comic series picks up with the one-shot, "Morality Bites...Back".[9] In the issue, after Cal Greene begins dating her assistant Mika, Phoebe deals with the potential threat of the baseball player based off a premonition she received nearly 10 years ago.[9] When her empathy powers advance, Phoebe subsequently learns that she used her empath powers to murder Cal in a previously visited future of February 26, 2009 by reflecting his emotions back onto him which caused his brain to overload.[9] After Cal attacks her editor Elise, Phoebe fears she will fulfill her premonition. Instead, she confides her secret identity as witch to Elise and together they use magic to scare Cal into a confession.[9] Later in the arc, Piper is startled to learn that her daughter Melinda is half-whitelighter, despite Leo being mortal during her conception.[10] New Elder Kyle Brody reveals that the previous Elders activated Leo's latent whitelighter genes to make Melinda half-whitelighter in the hopes of making a more powerful "Power of Three" with Melinda and her half-whitelighter brothers, Wyatt and Chris.[10] Meanwhile, now that The Source has been vanquished by The Charmed Ones, Neena, who has killed Hogan, has taken control of the Underworld and sets her sights on taking control of the Upper Regions and home to The Elders.[10]

In the eighth issue "Oh, Henry", during a battle with an ally of Neena's and former rival of Leo's, Paige rescues a baby from the womb of a dying and homeless teenage mother.[11] She and Henry later adopt the infant boy and name him Henry, Jr. Later in the second arc, in an altercation with Neena, Piper is sent into an alternate dimension and separated from her sisters.[11] While trying to rescue her, Phoebe and Paige discover that Neena is no ordinary warlock. They learn that she is in fact the First Witch, and has been waiting many millennia to enact revenge against The Elders and Angels of Destiny for separating her from her mate and controlling their lives and destiny.[12] Meanwhile, Piper realizes she is not alone in her alternate world where she talks with an Angel of Destiny, who informs her of Neena's origins.[12] Piper also interacts with Cole Turner, who provides her with an escape from the alternate world created by Neena. After Piper is reunited with her sisters, The Charmed Ones, as well as the spirit forms of their entire ancestral line, battle Neena and her demon army in the Upper Regions in an all out war.[13] With the help of the Angels of Destiny and Leo, who gains mysterious powers after picking up an artifact protected by The Elders, The Charmed Ones soothe Neena's anger and banish her to the alternate world where Piper was previously imprisoned.[13] While detained there she would be reunited with her lost love for six months out of every year.[13] Realizing that meddling with Neena's destiny nearly resulted in her destroying the world, the Angels of Destiny also revoke the meddling The Elders performed on the powers and destiny of The Charmed Ones' children; promising that should a new "Power of Three" emerge it would be natural and not through outside influence.[13]

Arc Three (Issues 13–19)[edit]

The third arc begins with the thirteenth issue, "Piper's Place" and features the grand opening of Piper's very own restaurant named "Halliwell's".[14] Also this arc features the long-awaited return of Prue Halliwell. After Cole is tasked to locate the missing spirit of Prue in exchange for helping him find peace in the afterlife by Penny and Patty Halliwell,[13] he locates her in Issue 16 in the form of a blonde witch named Patience who resides in Salem, Massachusetts.[15] When confronted by Cole about her true identity, Prue (as Patience) explains that she was never truly allowed to move on into the afterlife due to the prophecy of the Charmed Ones keeping her tied to her sisters.[16] With the prophecy unfulfilled, she couldn't entirely move on.[16] As long as Prue still had a connection to the Warren line, she would always be tied to her sisters, stopping them from realizing their full power.[16] She had to go someplace to be alone and chose a quiet corner of the Astral Plane.[16] She found a witch that Charon the soul collector had gone after, who was in a coma with no chance of recovery and took over her body.[16] To not interfere with the new "Power of Three", Prue chose to stay away from her sisters and instead use her powers the way they were meant to be used; to protect innocents.[16] She then asks Cole to keep her secret.

Meanwhile, Paige later finds herself with a new charge, a telekinetic witch named Sarah, who happens to be Patience's co-worker at an Salem tour house.[16] Paige shows up and looks for Sarah at the Salem house; however, she meets Cole who won't let her in.[16] Despite his pleas, she orbs into the house where she meets Patience (Prue) and the two touch causing their powers to send them away.[16] After recovering, Patience tells Paige that she is Prue. At first, Paige doesn't believe her, but they go to the manor where after seven years, Prue (as Patience), Piper, and Phoebe are finally reunited with a hug.[16] In spite of the reunion, the presence of Prue causes the sisters powers to go haywire. Because the Charmed prophecy never spoke of a "Power of Four", the reunion of the four sisters causes their individual and collective powers to go out of control.[16][17] To diffuse the chaos brought upon by the presence of the four sisters, Paige volunteer's to strip her powers away so that Prue can rejoin her sisters in the "Power of Three".[17] Cole, however, steps in and informs Prue that the real reason she remained tied to the "Power of Three" and unable to move on in the afterlife was because she refused to truly let go of her destiny with her sisters.[17] Realizing that her time as a Charmed One has passed, as she no longer inhabits the body of a true Warren witch, Prue instead strips herself of her Warren powers so that Paige will be the only sister with the power to move things with her mind.[17] After being stripped of her active powers, Prue retains her status as witch and keeps the basic witch powers that allow her to cast spells and brew potions.[17] Prue later returns to Salem, Massachusetts with Cole, who will help her train new witches to atone for his evil past.

Arc Four (Issues 20–24)[edit]

The fourth arc will begin with the twentieth issue, "The Old Witcheroo", Six months has passed since the events of Crossed, Triple-Crossed, Due to the machinations of Rennek, all magical beings, including the Charmed Ones, are disempowered, and all mortals are granted the ability to use magic. Because her powers were stripped at the time, not only did Prue gain her powers back but she also gained all of her sisters' powers as well. Over the next six months, Prue became extremely busy as she was now considered the most powerful witch on Earth and had to handle the chaos that resulted from the switch. Prue took some time away from her sisters to figure out how the switch happened and how to give them their powers back. She eventually came to the conclusion that if she continued using her powers, they would drain from her and gradually return to her sisters.[18][18] Phoebe gives birth to her child in the Manor with Coop right next to her while Leo, who is acting as the midwife. Paige, Piper, and Henry are outside of the room listening and then burst into the room after the baby finally comes. Phoebe has brought Parker Halliwell into the world. Phoebe wishes Prue could have been there, and apologizes to Parker for bringing her into a world "like this" without having her magic to protect her from it.[16][19] When Elise arrives, to discuss what's been going on with magic, she tells Piper that it's the biggest news story ever and that some people think it could be the end of the world. Piper is afraid of what will happen next if they don't know how to fix everything. While Elise goes to see Parker, Phoebe tells Elise that she misses her powers. Elise ensures Phoebe that the world will right itself soon enough but she has more important things to worry about. They wonder what Rennek is up to, believing that he's somewhere mobilizing his forces and plotting against them, We then see a peaceful Rennek laying pool-side on a hammock with two magical creatures pampering him.[16][19] Prue returns to the manor after many months away, she orbs into the room, very tired because of the battle as she has all of the sisters' powers inside of her. Darryl who has returned, can not recognize her (he sees Patience and not Prue's soul), and neither can her sisters. Prue lets her sisters know that Rennek stole the Grimoire before implementing his plan.[16][19]

Meanwhile, Phoebe has a premonition in which she sees Prue dying. Prue (who, like Phoebe, has had the same premonition) drives out the enemy and plunges toward them chanting "The Power of Three Will Set You Free." Prue enters limbo again, and meets Cole (who has disappeared for months). He tells her that since the gate between the entrances to the upper regions and the Underworld have been closed to everyone, whether magical or not magical. Prue thanks Cole saying her sisters will recover their powers. But Prue is tired of having sacrificed so much for her sisters. Cole says that magical dead that are in that dimension can possibly tear a hole back to Earth and Cole wants Prue to do it because he has information that could help her sisters. Prue returns to the land of the living, after Paige heals her and tells her sisters she knows someone they can talk to about Rennek.[18] The sisters eventually learn there is another Nexus, The Nexus of the all, which is located in the desert, which will finally resolve the magical issue of the world. During the battle with Rennek at the Nexus of the All, Prue grabs the Empyreal Sword out of the Grimoire, absorbing it into herself, and casts a spell that gives her ownership over both the items and vanquishes Rennek. Prue (now covered in various symbols and runes) then casts a follow up spell to reconnect the realms at that hallowed space and to erase all humanity's memories of the last six months, however, making sure that they never truly forget it just in case magic is ever revealed to the world again. Prue has turned the Nexus of the All into a complete replica of the Manor and everyone's inside. "Patience"'s body has now become Prue's to have (she is still covered in symbolic tattoos). Because she absorbed the Sword and the Grimoire, she is now the conduit that holds the realms together. She is the caretaker to the connection and can never leave the Nexus. Cole is now her messenger. Prue also appreciates Cole's company in the Manor since it's going to be just her.[20]



Issue in
Issue in
Title Written by Penciled by Original Release Date
0 0 "The Sourcebook" Paul Ruditis & Raven Gregory Dave Hoover June 16, 2010
This sourcebook serves as a prequel to the comics series.
1 1 "Charmed Lives" Paul Ruditis & Raven Gregory Dave Hoover July 21, 2010
The Charmed ones return in this new series that picks up where the series left off. Claiming their victory in the battle against evil, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige were free to settle into the future with their husbands and children.
2 2 "No Rest for the Wicca" Paul Ruditis & Raven Gregory Dave Hoover September 1, 2010
As the charmed ones go about settling into their new lives, forces from the underworld prepare to unleash a power that will destroy the sisters. Meanwhile Paige accepts a new position and learns the hard way that teaching isn't the easiest job. Phoebe and Piper attend the funeral of Brittany, the first innocent they ever saved, only to find that her death may herald the beginning of something terrifying that will endanger the lives of all the innocents and Charmed Ones themselves.
3 3 "Innocents Lost" Paul Ruditis & Raven Gregory Dave Hoover October 6, 2010
Someone or something is hunting down the innocents that have been saved by the Charmed Ones and murdering them. As Piper, Phoebe and Paige race to save the remaining innocents the forces of the underworld continue to gather the last remaining ingredients that will complete the ritual that will bring back the greatest foe the Charmed ones have ever faced.
4 4 "Mortal Enemies" Paul Ruditis Marcio Abreau December 15, 2010
To keep them safe from harm, the Charmed ones bring the remaining innocents back to the manor. But little do they know the Source has returned and cast a spell turning every innocent in the entire city against them. Even as they fight to survive, the Charmed Ones learn that the source has planned his arrival at the perfect time to destroy the power of three once and for all.
5 5 "Unnatural Resources" Paul Ruditis Marcio Abreau January 19, 2011
The Charmed Ones face off against an ancient evil with an army of minions that present Piper, Phoebe, and Paige with their greatest challenge ever. These forces of evil are bent on destruction, tearing apart the Halliwell family, and possibly keeping Piper from ever opening her restaurant.
Volume 2
6 6 "Morality Bites... Back" Paul Ruditis Tess Fowler February 16, 2011
Almost a decade ago Phoebe Halliwell saw a future in which she was publicly burned at the stake for killing a mortal that murdered her friend. Now as the time approaches for her premonition to play itself out, what can she do, if anything, to stop it? Phoebe questions whether the events are destined to play out the way she saw them or if enough has changed to save both her friend's life as well as her own.
7 7 "The Heir Up There" Paul Ruditis Marcio Abreu March 2, 2011
Piper is distraught when she finds that her baby daughter has the same orbing power as her part-Whitelighter aunt Paige and worries that it could put her children at risk again as it did when Wyatt was born. Leo decides to make a visit to the Elders for an explanation and is given an intriguing offer but one that would seriously affect his future with Piper. Meanwhile Neena has teamed up with a Darklighter as the two set forth on a Whitelighter killing spree in order to absorb their abilities. Now that she has taken control of the Underworld, Neena has set her sights on the Upper Regions.
8 8 "Oh, Henry" Paul Ruditis Carlos Granda March 16, 2011
An Innocent homeless teen in San Francisco falls victim to a stray arrow during the Darklighter's attack on a Whitelighter. The pregnant teen is dead, but Paige manages to save the girl's baby by orbing the child out of the body immediately. Neena finally reveals herself to the Charmed Ones while taking on an Elder directly on the streets of San Francisco. During the battle, Neena sends Piper into the void that she sent the Angel of Destiny in Issue 1. Phoebe and Paige want to stay to fight the stranger and rescue their sister, but Leo forces them to flee.
9 9 "All or Nothing" Paul Ruditis Dean Kotz May 25, 2011
Leo must reveal an ancient secret to The Charmed Ones about the very source of their craft and the true origins of the magic they possess if they have any chance of defeating their latest threat.
10 10 "Three Little Wiccans" Paul Ruditis Reno Maniquis June 8, 2011
With the Power of Three torn asunder, Phoebe and Paige work to bring their family back together. But a tragically ill-advised plan pulls The Charmed Ones further apart and could leave one of the sisters lost forever.
11 11 "Last Witch Effort" Paul Ruditis Tess Fowler June 22, 2011
A decision is made that could affect The Power of Three and irrevocably change The Charmed Ones forever. Humanity hangs in the balance in the coming showdown between good and evil.
12 12 "The Charmed Offensive" Paul Ruditis Dean Kotz July 27, 2011
The Charmed Ones and Leo face down impossible challenges in a battle to reclaim the Heavens, conquer the Underworld, and save the Earth. It's a fight that's been brewing since long before the prophecy of The Charmed Ones was foreseen and building since the first issue of the comics.
Volume 3
13 13 "Piper's Place" Paul Ruditis Reno Maniquis September 7, 2011
Owning a restaurant of her very own has been Piper's dream for years. Now it's finally real. Opening night is a huge success and she's the talk of the town, but the additional workload—along with the magical turmoil of late has taken a toll on her family life. A child's misguided spell has disastrous results as Piper learns whether or not she can truly have it all while she copes with a situation that would leave other moms quaking in their shoes.
14 14 "Cupids Harrow" Paul Ruditis Dean Kotz September 28, 2011
Coop is on one of the toughest assignments a Cupid can accept and this time it comes with unexpected consequences. When Phoebe sees her husband plagued with questions about the family he never met, she tries to help by researching his past, unaware that a mysterious force works against her. As she tries to orchestrate a reunion centuries in the making, she could wind up tearing a family apart.
15 15 "Where There's Smoke There's a Firestarter" Paul Ruditis Dean Kotz October 26, 2011
Trouble comes knocking on Paige's front door when a mysterious fire nearly burns down her house. The nature of the attack suggests a firestarter, but the real answer might not be that simple. Are The Charmed Ones about to face another threat from the past or is the culprit a more recent addition to their lives? A secret that Piper's been keeping might hold the answer to more than just Paige's question or it could lead to a whole new set of problems instead.
16 16 "The Heavens Can Wait" Paul Ruditis Dean Kotz November 30, 2011
The Charmed Ones embark on a quest to help Leo find the answer to the question that has been plaguing him for months. They will need to call on all their powers and the bond they share to protect them from the dangers that await. Meanwhile, Cole takes an important step in his journey for a different kind of answer.
17 17 "Family Shatters" Paul Ruditis Dean Kotz January 4, 2012
A seemingly innocent encounter will have disastrous effects on The Charmed Ones as the final piece of Rennek's plan falls into place. While Leo goes after his old arch nemesis, Piper, Phoebe, and Paige must deal with a visitor from the past that could destroy their future.
18 18 "Four's Company" Paul Ruditis Dean Kotz January 25, 2012
Demons have the run of San Francisco, Magic School is in turmoil, and Leo is missing (again). When personal problems intertwine with magical ones, every member of the Halliwell family is in danger. The Charmed Ones must come together to bring the world back into order while their own magic works to tear it apart.
19 19 "Crossed, Triple Crossed" Paul Ruditis Tess Fowler March 7, 2012
When a criminal threatens Paige's happy family, she looks to her past to deal with the mortal menace. Conjuring up a detective from one of her favorite noir novels, Paige creates a gumshoe to help set up a sting and take down the hood. But when the fictional private Dick decides he likes life outside the pages, the set up takes a dark and dangerous turn.
Volume 4
20 20 "The Old Witcheroo" Paul Ruditis Dean Kotz March 28, 2012
Magical beings run amuck in the streets sending the powerless into hiding. Cut off from the Elders, the Angels of Destiny, and much of the magical community, there is no one to turn to for help. All hope seems lost in a world in which the Charmed Ones are no longer Charmed.
21 21 "Reversal of Misfortune" Paul Ruditis Dean Kotz May 2, 2012
With magic schools doors no longer open, Knox Academy is one of the few places on earth that can provide a safe haven in need. Piper, Phoebe, and Paige must team with the staff to protect themselves and their friends from the governments modern day witch hunt that has deemed anyone like them to be the enemy.
22 22 "Prue Ya Gonna Call?" Paul Ruditis Rubine July 11, 2012
Magic gangs fight for control against government forces seriously out of their depth. Even with Piper, Phoebe, and Paige on the case, there is little they can do without their own magic. Overwhelmed and outnumbered, the side of good must hang all their hope on the single most powerful witch in the world.
23 23 "The Darklight Zone" Paul Ruditis Rubine September 5, 2012
A voice from beyond the grave provides answers from the past as four sisters come together to solve a magical crisis that has affected the entire world. With an army of friends beside them, The Charmed Ones prepare for their biggest battle ever.
24 24 "The Power of 300" Paul Ruditis Rubine October 3, 2012
Four sisters, bound by love and magic, have had their lives turned upside down many times in the years since they first inherited their powers. Now, they must put aside their differences and work together to take back their world. The Charmed Ones will need to unleash the full strength of the magic that has been growing through their family line for centuries in an epic battle that will bring season nine to its earth-shattering conclusion.

Collected editions[edit]

The issues are collected into trade paperback by Zenescope Entertainment after each story arc is complete.

Vol. in
Vol. in
Title Written by Penciled by Original Release Date
1 1 "Volume 1" Paul Ruditis & Raven Gregory Dave Hoover, Marcio Abreu & Novo Malgapo February 2, 2011
It's been a year and a half since Piper, Phoebe, and Paige were victorious in their ultimate battle against evil. They've put the past behind them and settled into their relatively quiet lives with their families. But the death of the first innocent that the Charmed Ones ever saved has reawakened an ancient evil more powerful than the sisters have ever faced. Now with a brand new threat emerging, the Charmed Ones must prepare for the fight of their lives. Volume #1 collects issues #0 - #5.
2 2 "Volume 2" Paul Ruditis Tess Fowler, Marcio Abreu & Carlos Granda September 7, 2011
It begins innocently enough when a child reveals powers she should not possess, leading to an offer that few could decline. The Charmed Ones have long since come to terms with their magical calling complicating their lives, but that doesn't make things any easier as they face down challenges that could tear their families apart. Their latest threat comes from a mysterious power that is finally revealed in the body of an enemy Piper, Phoebe, and Paige never dreamed they'd encounter. The sisters must unite again in a battle between the Heavens and the Underworld that could destroy not only The Power of Three, but all of humanity in the process.
3 3 "Volume 3" Paul Ruditis Reno Maniquis, Dean Kotz & Tess Fowler April 11, 2012
The years have passed quickly for The Charmed Ones since they learned of their magical heritage. In only one decade they have experienced so much love and loss, joy and sorrow, failure and success. But time marches on and new challenges will be met as Phoebe is haunted by her past, Piper must deal with the present, and Paige is forced to cope with the future. But none of those events will prepare them to face the truth behind a family secret that could change everything for the Warren line.
4 4 "Volume 4" Paul Ruditis Dean Kotz & Rubine January 2013
It's been six months since the Charmed Ones reunited with their lost sister, and the world looks nothing like it did before. The magical community is powerless while everyday humans can suddenly control magic. Earth is cut off from the Heavens and the Underworld. And the Power of Three has completely abandoned Piper, Phoebe, and Paige. What began as a weird magical glitch has quickly developed into a full-on crisis. The formerly powerless humans of the world are letting their new gifts go out of control. The government is tracking down former magic users to find out what they know about this odd turn of events. Even worse, the Charmed Ones can't do a thing about it since the one person that could help them has disappeared from their lives once again.


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