Chartiers Creek

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Chartiers Creek
Country United States
Location Allegheny and Washington counties, Pennsylvania
Basin features
River mouth Ohio River
1751 map depicting Chartiers Creek (labeled as "Shartees Cr.", at top edge of map)

Chartiers Creek is a tributary of the Ohio River in Western Pennsylvania in the United States. The creek was named after Peter Chartier,[1] a trapper of French and Native American parentage who established a trading post at the mouth of the creek in 1743.


Chartiers Creek winds from its headwaters in Washington County through Allegheny County, where it meets the Ohio River at McKees Rocks and Pittsburgh's West End, three miles west of the Point at Pittsburgh.


(Mouth at the Ohio River)

Environmental issues[edit]

Acid mine drainage, agricultural and industrial runoff, and sewer overflow made Chartiers Creek one of the most polluted watersheds in Pennsylvania. Although improvements have been made, the watershed remains significantly impaired.[4][5]

Plans have been considered[6][7] to establish the course of Chartiers Creek as a greenway including a multi-use path that would stretch from Canonsburg Lake to the Ohio River. Such a path could eventually provide connections with the Montour Trail near Lawrence, the Panhandle Trail near Carnegie, and the Three Rivers Heritage Trail in McKees Rocks.

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