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Chauncey Marvin Holt (October 23, 1921 – June 28, 1997) was an American known for claiming to be one of the "three tramps" photographed in Dealey Plaza shortly after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.[1]


Holt was born in Kentucky.[1] He moved to San Diego County in the 1970s and lived in La Mesa, California during the last decade of his life.[1] Holt died of cancer at the age of 75, and was survived by a daughter and granddaughter.[1]

Claims of involvement in JFK assassination[edit]

In a 1991 Newsweek article about Oliver Stone's JFK, Holt received national attention for various claims he made regarding the assassination of President Kennedy.[1][2] According to Holt, he was a CIA operative sent to Dallas to deliver phony Secret Service credentials.[1][2] He also claimed to have worked as an accountant for Meyer Lansky.[1][2] His account is further explored in his autobiography Self-Portrait of a Scoundrel, which was posthumously released by TrineDay Publishing in August 2013.[1]


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