Chi Kuan-chun

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Chi Kuan-chun
Chinese name戚冠軍 (traditional)
Chinese name戚冠军 (simplified)
PinyinQī Guànjūn (Mandarin)
Born (1949-06-14) June 14, 1949 (age 69)
Guangdong, China
OccupationActor, martial artist

Chi Kuan-chun born June 14, 1949 (age 68), also known as Chik Goon-Gwan,[1] is a Hong Kong-based Chinese actor, martial artist, and Hung Ga practitioner.[1] He is best known for playing Shaolin rebel Hu Huei Chien (Hu Hui Gan) in several martial arts films in the 1970s.[2] He also co-starred with Alexander Fu in many films at that time.[3]

Life and career[edit]

Born as Wu Dong-wai[1] in Guangdong, China, Chi went to Hong Kong with his family at early age.[2] He graduated from Sam Yuk Middle School and took acting course at the Cathay Studio[1] in 1968. After winning first place at the "Manhood Competition" held by the Chiang Jiang Film Company, Chi joined the Shaw Brothers Studio. His acting debut was Chang Cheh's Men From The Monastery, and had since appeared in many of Chang's later films, including Shaolin Martial Arts, Disciples Of Shaolin, The Shaolin Avengers and Magnificent Wanderers.[1] After completing his contract with Shaw Brothers in 1976, Chi founded Champion Film Company.[1][2] In 1977, he went to Taiwan to further his career, and starred in films like Showdown at the Cotton Mill.[2][3]

In 1990s he retired but made a comeback in Lau Kar-leung's Drunken Monkey (2003)[1] and later in Tsui Hark's Seven Swords (2005).[2][3]

Hung Gar school[edit]

Chi started his Hung Gar training in 1961 with Chiu Wai in Hong Kong and is the 4th generation disciple of Wong Fei-hung's lineage.[4] In October 2000, he established his own Hung Gar school, Chi Kuan-Chun Martial Arts Hong Quan Institute.[2]


List of acting performances in film[5]
Title Year Role Notes
Men from the Monastery 1974 Hu Huei Chien
Five Shaolin Masters 1974 Li Shih-Kai
Shaolin Martial Arts 1974 Pa Chung/Chen Bao Rong
Disciples of Shaolin 1975 Wang Hon
Marco Polo 1975 Zhou Xingzheng
7-Man Army 1976 Private Chu Tiancheng
Boxer Rebellion 1976 Shuai Fang Yun
Shaolin Temple 1976 Hu Hui Gan
The Shaolin Avengers 1976 Hu Huigan
Eagle's Claw 1977 Chen Tien Chun
Magnificent Wanderers 1977 Shi Da Yong
The Naval Commandos 1977 Capt. Hu Jing Duan
The Golden Mask 1977 Lung Chun San
The Iron Monkey 1977 Fung Kong
The Murder of Murders 1978
Shaolin Invincible Guys 1978
Shaolin Kung Fu Master 1978
Eagle's Claw and Butterfly Palm 1978 patriot (cameo)
Revenge of the Shaolin Kid 1978 Lee Tien Chow
Showdown at the Cotton Mill 1978 Hu Huigan
Ways of Kung Fu 1978 Ta Kung
Green Jade Statuette 1978 Wu Kang
Iron Fisted Eagle's Claw 1979
Shaolin Red Master 1979 Su
Relentless Broken Blade 1979
Immortal Warriors 1979) cameo
The Big Rascal 1979 Ho Director/writer
Snake Shadow, Lama Fist 1979 Chi Yuen
Yoga and the Kung Fu Girl 1979 Ho Fei
The Battle of Ku-ning-tou 1979
Yongmun Swordsman 1979
Roving Heroes 1980
Beggars Have No Equal 1980
Queen Bee 1981
Black Eagle's Blades 1981
Eagle Fists 1981 Liu Chin Chun
Queen Bee's Revenge 1981
Iron Neck Li 1981 Iron Neck Li Yung
Little Flying Dragon 1982
Lone Ninja Warrior 1982 Wild Wolf
Bloody Mission 1982
Crazy Horse, Intelligent Monkey 1982
Burning of the Red Lotus Monastery 1982
Rescue from Hades 1982
Shanghai 13 1984 Leopard
Thunder of Gigantic Serpent 1984
King of Snake 1984
Lucky Dragon 1991
Lady Killer (1) 1992
Wolf of Revenge 1992
Guardian Angel 1994
Drunken Monkey 2003 Yu Hoi Yeung
Seven Swords 2005 Qiu Luo Dong
That Demon Within 2014 Dave's father


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