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Chico (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈtʃiko]) means small, boy or child in the Spanish language. It is also the nickname for Francisco in the Portuguese language (Portuguese pronunciation: [ˈʃiku]).

Chico may refer to:




  • Alfred "Chico" Alvarez (1920–1992), Canadian trumpeter
  • Chico Anysio (1931–2012), Brazilian actor, comedian, writer and composer
  • Francisco Aramburu (1922–1997), Brazilian footballer
  • Chico Bouchikhi (born 1954), musician and a co-founder of the Gipsy Kings, later leader of Chico & the Gypsies
  • Chico Buarque (born 1944), Brazilian singer, guitarist, composer, dramatist, writer and poet
  • Chico (footballer, born 1981), Portuguese footballer Francisco José Castro Fernandes
  • Chico César (born 1964), Brazilian singer, composer and songwriter
  • Diego Corrales (1977–2007), American professional boxer
  • Chico DeBarge (born 1966), American R&B singer
  • Chico Díaz (born 1959), Mexican-born Brazilian actor
  • Chico Faria (1949–2004), Portuguese footballer
  • Chico Flores (born 1987), Spanish footballer
  • Chico Freeman (born 1949), American jazz musician
  • Chico Hamilton (1921–2013), American jazz drummer and bandleader
  • Ray Hopkins (born 1946), Welsh rugby player
  • Chico Maki (1939–2015), Canadian National Hockey League player
  • Chico Marx (1887–1961), American comedian, bandleader and actor born Leonard Marx
  • Chico Mendes (1944–1988), Brazilian rubber tapper, trade union leader and environmentalist. See also Chico Té below.
  • Chico Netto (1894–1959), Brazilian footballer
  • Washington "Chico" Oliveira (born 1977), half of the Chico & Roberta Brazilian song and dance duo
  • Chico Resch (born 1948), Canadian retired National Hockey League goaltender and television sportscaster
  • Eduardo Rózsa-Flores (1960–2009), Bolivian-Hungarian soldier, journalist, actor and secret agent
  • Chico Salmon (1940–2000), Major League Baseball utility player from Panama
  • Chico Serra (born 1957), Brazilian Formula One race car driver
  • Chico Slimani (born 1971), British singer
  • Chico Té (1939–1978), Francisco Mendes was a Guinea-Bissau politician
  • Chico Walker (born 1957), American former Major League Baseball catcher
  • Chico Xavier (1910–2002), Brazilian spiritist medium



  • Chico Lanete (born 1979), Philippine Basketball Association player
  • Chico (artist), American graffiti artist Antonio Garcia, whose tag is "Chico"
  • Chico Álvarez (singer) (born Ernesto Peraza), American Latin jazz musician
  • Bryan Alvarez (born 1975), American newsletter editor and professional wrestler under the ring name Chico Alvarez
  • Chico Science (1966–1997), stage name of Brazilian singer and composer Francisco de Assis França



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