Chicos de Barrio

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Chicos de Barrio
Origin Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico
Genres Cumbia, hip hop, reggae, R&B
Years active 1995–Present
Labels MCM (Metro Casa Musical) (1996-2002), Warner Music (2003)EMI Latin (2004-2006) Far Music (2007-2009) Dasmi Music (2010-)

Chicos de Barrio is a Mexican musical group formed in 1995 in Torreon, Coahuila, Mexico. This musical group is formed from 11 elements, in which the percussion, harmony and swing are predominant. This Mexican eleven-member tropical band have burst mainstream throughout the Northern American continent. This musical group combines urban, hip hop, salsa, vallenato, reggae and many other music genres. This in turn leads to a unique and distinctive musical rhythm and beat. Not only has the music been stylish, but their unique style of dressing has always been appreciated from many of the musical groups' followers.

Early years[edit]

In the beginning Chicos de Barrio did not have an artistic name. They would only play music together in search of a name as unique as their style in wardrobe and music. They chose Chicos de Barrio, a name as unique as themselves. When in search of a record company to sign a record deal was nowhere in sight, they never gave up and continued to perform locally and in surrounding areas. One day a now great producer for Video Home, Amador Granados came across them and offered to record their first official disc, titled Triste Lagunera for the record label MCM (Metro Casa Musical). This compact disc was recorded in the overlooking city of Los Angeles, Corona, California. Amador Granados was sold the reproduction rights of Chicos de Barrio, which in turn led to Mr. Granados owning any right to reproduce their music. This was their break of their lives as up-and-coming musicians. It took one full year to fully implement the Triste Lagunera project. After one full year of implementing this compact disc, Chicos de Barrio was finally here and here for good. After one full year of working on the first and original production of Chicos de Barrio, Triste Lagunera, much was to come ahead for this excellent musical group with the support of Amador Granados.


One year after their original project of Triste Lagunera, Chicos de Barrio began to tour United States of America. While still touring with Amador Granados' help, Jesus Dimas Maciel and Juan Angel Najera set up local events in such places as San Antonio, Texas, Austin, Texas, Houston, Texas and many other local cities in Texas. Five years after they originally met with Amador Granados, Metro Casa Musical, and EMI Latin have been some of the few record labels to contract Chicos de Barrio, and pave the way for this spectacular musical group. From opening acts for such groups as Michael Salgado, Bobby Pulido, and Intocable and many more, to headlining some of the groups mentioned above and having great performances across the United States of America and all of Mexico. Performances with such great artists like Juan Gabriel and former Lead Vocals for Los Kumbia Kings DJ Kane are just some of the few things to mention. Invitation by the Governor of Coahuila to perform and attend at various Mexican Nominations. Chicos de Barrio also performed live across U.S.A and Mexico on such shows as Televisa Musica, Furia Musical, Hoy, Al Fin de Semana, Sabado Gigante, Despierta America, El Gordo y la Flaca, Primer Impacto to performances at such places like La Plaza de Toros de Mexico, El Auditorio Nacional, El Palacio de Los Deportes and many more places and shows. A big broadcasting company that has had a lot to do with the expansion and growth of Chicos de Barrio is Univision. One of the biggest accomplishments for this fabulous musical group was with Warner Bros. Records when given the opportunity to perform and record the self-titled Mucha Lucha theme song. Currently this show is broadcasting on Cartoon Network and abroad.

In 2011 Dimas Maciel left the group to serve Christ although he continues to manage the group, he will also continue with the concept of Chicos de Barrio but offstage.

At the start of 2013, the other lead singer Susana Ortiz known to everyone as "La grandota de la comarka" has also parted ways from the group. Chicos de Barrio have welcomed 2 new vocalists that will take the place for Dimas and Susana.. Gabriel Grijalva Blanco has stepped in and is the lead male vocalist for the group. He is an ex-member of the group "LA MERA VENA". Although he knew he had big shoes to fill in this group, Gabriel has jumped right in and has taken center stage with the same energy and charisma as Dimas. Alongside of Gabriel is the new female vocalist, Sammy Debaral from Monclova, Mexico.

Chicos de Barrio continue to tour in their tour bus all around the U.S. as well as in Mexico.

Winners Of Latin Music Awards 2010 "Mejor Tropical".


  • Vocals-Jesus Dimas Maciel
  • Vocals-Susana Ortiz
  • Tenor Sax-Carlos Alberto Rodriguez Najera
  • Trumpet-Miranda Ibarra
  • Conga drum-Vitro Percucion
  • Timbales-Gera
  • Alto Sax-Rodolfo Piña
  • Bass-Menny Olguin
  • Guitars-Ismael Garcia
  • Keyboards -Carlos Alberto Murillo
  • Accordion-Edgar Hinojosa (Nicho)
  • Guiro-Guadalupe Rodriguez
  • Drums-Arturo Hernandez


  1. 1996 Triste Lagunera (Debut album)
  2. 1997 En Tu Corazon
  3. 1998 Te Invito a Bailar
  4. 1998 Salio Mejor
  5. 1999 Vato Loco
  6. 2000 La Lola
  7. 2001 Dominando Y Controlando
  8. 2002 En La Esquina
  9. 2002 Barrio Mix
  10. 2003 Reggae Hop
  11. 2004 Puros Vatos Choca y rebota
  12. 2005 Decada
  13. 2007 Atrévete
  14. 2007 Retro Vol 1 (Not Released)
  15. 2008/2009 The Best of da Komark
  16. 2010 XV Aniversario

Jesus Dimas Maciel/Alfredo "FRED" Lopez

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