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Chie Tanabe (田邊 智恵?, Tanabe Chie, born March 29, 1971) is a Japanese stuntwoman and "suit actor" (an actor in a full-body rubber suit). She was formerly associated with Japan Enterprise Action.


Tanabe's married name is Chie Nishimura (西村 智恵?, Nishimura Chie). In 1998, she became the first woman to complete Stage 1 of Sasuke (known as Ninja Warrior in the United States), during the 2nd Competition.[1] She could not, however, complete the Spider Walk in Stage 2, as she was not tall enough to properly negotiate the obstacle.[2] Tanabe also competed in Kunoichi, the women's version of Sasuke, but failed in Stage 3 after a misstep. She initially did not plan to compete again due to her plans of having a baby, but she later competed in the 4th Competition, where she failed Stage 1's Hop Rocket, and in the 5th Competition, where she failed the first stage angle run, and in the 6th competition, where she failed on the barrel roll. On the 7th competition, she ran out of time because of losing time on the spinning log. And on the 8th competition, she failed on the first stage swing jump.



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