Chief Executive of Eritrea

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Chief Executive of Eritrea
Emblem of Eritrea 1952-1962.svg
Coat of arms of Eritrea during the Federation with Ethiopia
Formation 15 September 1952
First holder Tedla Bairu
Final holder Abiye Abebe
Abolished 20 May 1960

The Chief Executive of Eritrea was the premier position of the Federation between Eritrea and Ethiopia. It was first held by Tedla Bairu while its last occupant was Abiye Abebe.

On 20 May 1960 the post was dissolved and replaced by the Chief Administrator of Eritrea, which was appointed by the Emperor of Ethiopia Haile Selassie I. This in effect dissolved the independent Federal structure and was a prelude to the official, possibly illegal,[1] annexation of Eritrea as a province of Ethiopia on 14 November 1962.

List of Chief Executives of Eritrea (1952–1960)[edit]

# Name Assumed office Left office
1 Tedla Bairu 15 September 1952 29 July 1955
2 Asfaha Woldemikael 8 August 1955 December 1959
3 Abiye Abebe December 1959 20 May 1960


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