Children's Railroad (Minsk)

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Coordinates: 53°55′34″N 27°37′18″E / 53.925994°N 27.621732°E / 53.925994; 27.621732

Children's Railroad of Minsk
Line length: 3.79
Balloon loop
0,00 Saslonowo (Заслоново)
1,80 Pionerskaja (Пионерская)
3,79 Sosnowyj Bor (Сосновый Бор)
Balloon loop
A TU7 diesel locomotive in Zaslonovo

K. S. Zaslonov Children's Railroad in Minsk (Belarusian: Дзiцячая чыгунка (Dzitsyachaya chyhunka); Russian: Минская детская железная дорога имени К.С.Заслонова (Minskaya detskaya zheleznaya doroga imeni K.S.Zaslonova) is a 750 mm (2 ft 5 12 in) narrow gauge railroad loop passing through the Chelyuskinites Park in Minsk, Belarus.[1]


It is fully operated by teenagers. One of many children's railways that existed in the USSR and continued functioning after its breakup in post-Soviet states, it was opened on July 9, 1955. There was a 3-year program to train future railway personnel. In 1971 the railway was named after railman Konstantin Zaslonov, a Hero of the Soviet Union who had commanded a partisan brigade.[2]

The railway line counts 3 stations (listed from north to south): Zaslonovo, Pionerskaya (or Pionerskaja) and Sosnovy Bor (or Sosnovyj Bor); and a pair of rail loops after the end stops. Zaslonovo is located between the Metro stations Park Chelyuskintsev and Moskovskaya, both part of Moskovskaya Line.


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