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This article is about children's programming on ABC Television in Australia. For children's programming on the American ABC network, see Children's programming on the American Broadcasting Company.

ABC Television broadcasts the greatest amount of children's content than any other network in Australia.[1] Prior to early 2009, there was a brand called ABC Kids (stylised as abckids) which was separate from regular ABC TV and contained all children's programming on the ABC. To prepare for the launch of ABC3, the brand has been completely removed and all children's programming now coexists with the rest of ABC 1 and 2. However, during preschooler's programming, the ABC network identities have been replaced with more kid-friendly animations which display a new "ABC For Kids" identity, which is similar to a former identity. They are still present in the programming aimed at older children.

On the 4 December 2009, the children's programming block on ABC2 was rebranded "ABC For Kids On 2" with new identities, schedule and watermark. In addition to this, all children's content aimed at school-aged children was removed, effectively making this a preschooler's block. This was the same date as the launch of ABC3. In May 2011 this was again re-branded along with a consolidation of kids programming on ABC2 as ABC4KIDS[2] This consolidation created a daily 13-hour block from 6am to 7pm of pre-school programming on ABC2. On 2 March 2015 the channel was rebranded once again to ABC Kids.


ABC for Kids commenced as a replacement in 2009 for the previously aired ABC Kids branding used on ABC Television and ABC Online. On 7 March 2005, ABC2 launched allowing for ABC Kids' programming to be broadcast for 13 hours a day across ABC1 and ABC2. In early 2009, the ABC Kids brand was discontinued and was replaced by two very different identities, one for preschoolers (ABC For Kids) and one for older children. Later in 2009 they launched another channel for grade school children called ABC3. And don't forget the Hi-5 original series on ABC Kids in October 2017.

Broadcast schedule[edit]

Programming for older children
  • ABC Me: 6:00AM-10:30PM (Mon-Thu), 6:00AM-10:00PM (Fri)
Programming for preschoolers


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