Children of Fire Mountain

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Children of Fire Mountain
Genre Adventure
Written by Roger Simpson
Directed by Peter Sharp
Starring Terence Cooper
Mark Hadlow
Helen Dorward
Maggie Maxwell
Martyn Sanderson
Country of origin New Zealand
United Kingdom
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 13
Producer(s) Roger Le Mesurier
John McRae
Location(s) New Zealand
Original network BBC
Audio format Monaural
Original release 1979 – This series was also broadcast in Czechoslovakia - both dubbings were made(Czech language and Slovak language).In 2010 a DVD was released in Czech republic and also in Slovakia(with original Slovak dubbing for both countries)

Children of Fire Mountain was a 13-part miniseries from New Zealand made in 1979. In the UK it was screened by the BBC in 1981, and repeated on Channel 4 in 1989. That year it received the Feltex Television Awards for "Best Drama", "Best Script", and Terence Cooper as "Best Actor" for his role as Sir Charles Pemberton.

Plot summary[edit]

Sir Charles Pemberton travelled to New Zealand from the United Kingdom on the advice of his doctor. Once there, he forms an idea to build a health spa on Maori land. The story took place in New Zealand in 1900 and portrays the conflict between the world of the Maori and the white settlers. A sub plot is the friendship between Tom (the son of the hotel owner where Sir Charles stays) and Sarah Jane (the granddaughter of Sir Charles). While it initially gets off to a rocky start, with Tom getting into a lot of trouble with his friends for being rude to their English guests, it leads to a friendship through which Sir Charles is shown the error of his ways in trying to push through his plans. Eventually, they come to nought as a volcano erupts on the land showing the danger of interfering with Maori land.

Doomey Dwyer had an illicit still, which he used to supply his 'grog'.

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