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China Basin Landing on Third Street

China Basin Landing is an office complex in the Mission Bay area of San Francisco, California.[1] The complex has 902,000 square feet (83,800 m2) of space.[2] It is the headquarters of Dropbox and Dignity Health.


Barry Lawrence, a developer from San Diego, California, purchased the site of the China Basin Landing building in 1982. The site had a 465,000-square-foot (43,200 m2) six story existing structure, the China Basin Building, dating back to the 1920s or earlier.[3][4] Lawrence spent $40 million to renovate the older building and build a new three story, 207,000 square feet (19,200 m2) office facility next to the existing structure. The new office building, which opened in 1991, was the final major office building in San Francisco to open during that year.[5]

As an office facility, a portion originally it had three stories,[6] while another portion had six stories.[7] The entire facility had a total of 725,000 square feet (67,400 m2) of space.[8] At one point the building was converted from warehouses to offices. A parking garage was established so the building owners could get a variance that permitted them to convert the building to offices.[9]

In 1998, Blackstone Group owned the building.

The California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS) bought China Basin Landing in 2005 for $260 million.[2]

Hellmuth, Obata and Kassabaum (HOK) San Francisco designed a two story expansion on top of the existing 1991 section of the China Basin Landing facility.[10]

In 2011, Dropbox announced that it would take the fourth floor with an option for the fifth, and the center became 91% leased.[6]


China Basin Landing is located on one city block bounded by 3rd Street, 4th Street, Berry Street, and the China Basin Canal.[7] It is across from AT&T Park and it overlooks McCovey Cove.[11]

China Landing is one block from the Caltrain depot.[12] It is about .5 miles (0.80 km) from the University of California San Francisco Mission Bay campus.[11]

The building is close to public rail links that connect the facility to the University of California Berkeley and Stanford University.[11] China Basin also has access to the Muni Metro N and T lines and the bus lines 10, 30, 45, and 47.[12] A China Basin Landing shuttle service, which has no charge, connects China Basin Landing to the Financial District, the Ferry Building, and the Bay Area Rapid Transit Embarcadero Station. A UCSF shuttle service also serves the building.[13]


Most of the facilities within China Basin Landing are offices.[2] The complex has a parking garage which, as of 1999, has 600 spaces.


Academic facilities[edit]

The China Basin Location of the University of California San Francisco Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics is located in the building [12] The UCSF Imaging Center at China Basin, of the Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging, is located in the building.[13]


Dropbox has its corporate headquarters in building.[6][14][15] Dignity Health is in the building.[16]

Former tenants[edit]

When Sirna Therapeutics was located at China Basin Landing, it occupied Suite 6504.[17] Previously the Public Library of Science was located in Suite 3100.[11] In June 2010, PLoS announced that it was moving to a new location. The SF Weekly previously occupied space in Suite 3800[18] The newspaper is now in a different location.[19] KEST AM 1450, a radio station, as of 1998 had offices at China Basin landing.[20] The radio station is now located in another facility.[21]


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