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Chok may refer to:



  • Chok people, a society that lived on the Elgeyo escarpment in Kenya
  • Raymond Lam (林峯), known as "Chok王"—meaning "the King of Chok"—a Hong Kong actor and singer
    • "Chok", song from Raymond Lam's album LF
  • A Chinese masculine given name, popular in Singapore :
    • Goh Chok Tong (born 1941), second Prime Minister of the Republic of Singapore
    • Lionel Chok (21st century), Singaporean film-maker and director
  • Bong Kee Chok (born 1937), politician
  • Chok Sukkaew (born 1987), Thai footballer
  • Elvie Chok (1924–2015), Hong Kong international lawn and indoor bowler
  • Ming Tung Chok, former CEO of Soyo Group
  • Philip Chok, Hong Kong international lawn and indoor bowler
  • Vera Chok, London-based actor and writer


  • Chok樣 [zh] (擢樣), a popular term in Hong Kong, meaning "to forcefully make oneself look more handsome"
  • CHOK, a Canadian radio station

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