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Choristi is located in Greece
Coordinates: 41°7.8′N 24°12.5′E / 41.1300°N 24.2083°E / 41.1300; 24.2083Coordinates: 41°7.8′N 24°12.5′E / 41.1300°N 24.2083°E / 41.1300; 24.2083
Country Greece
Administrative region East Macedonia and Thrace
Regional unit Drama
Municipality Drama
Municipal unit Drama
Highest elevation 96 m (315 ft)
 • Population 2,725 (2011)
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)

Choristi (Greek: Χωριστή, before 1927: Τσατάλτζα - Tsataltza,[2] Bulgarian: Чаталджа - Chataldzha) is a town in Drama municipality, Drama regional unit, East Macedonia and Thrace region, Greece. The town is located about 8 km southeast of Drama and has a population of 2,725 (2011 census). The elevation is approximately 98 m.


The town was known as Τσατάλτζα - Tsataltza,[2] until renamed in 1927. During World War I from 1916 to 1918 the town was occupied by Bulgarian troops and the local men were shipped out to concentration camps in Bulgaria. Conditions there were very poor and less than a third of them survived.[3][not in citation given]

During World War II, the occupying Axis powers executed a number of people in Choristi as "terrorists" or "resistance fighters" or their sympathizers, this came to be known as the "Choristi Massacre".[4][5]


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