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Chris Warner is a comic book writer and artist for Dark Horse Comics. He worked extensively on their mid-1990s line of Comics' Greatest World and Dark Horse Heroes. He has also worked sporadically for other companies, such as Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

He is listed as the creator of Barb Wire and the developer of the setting of Steel Harbor for these lines. His work on this line includes writing and penciling the mini-series Barb Wire: Ace of Spades (1-4), penciling issues 10-12 of X, being the image illustrator (i.e., the visual creator) of characters like Ghost and is given creator credit on Wolf Gang, Pit Bulls and Motorhead. He also worked on Will to Power (issues 4-6 as writer & 10-12 as penciler) and the second volume of Ghost, on which he acted as writer and later co-writer for the majority of that title's run.


Comics work includes:

  • Predator:
  • Aliens Versus Predator: Original (with Randy Stradley, and Phill Norwood, tpb, Titan Books, 176 pages, 1992, ISBN 1-85286-413-3)
  • Comics Greatest World: Arcadia, week one-X (pencils, 1993, Dark Horse Comics)
  • Comics Greatest World: Steel Harbor, weeks 1-4 (writer, 1993, Dark Horse Comics)
  • Will To Power (writer, 4-6/pencils, 10-12. 1994. Dark Horse Comics)
  • Barb Wire: Ace Of Spades (writer/pencils/cover art. 1998, Dark Horse Comics)
  • X #10-12 (pencils & cover art, 1994–95, Dark Horse Comics)
  • Ghost #28-31 (volume one, cover art, 1997–98, Dark Horse Comics)
  • Ghost #1-16 (Volume two, writer, 1998–2000, Dark Horse Comics)
  • Batman #408 (pencils & cover art, 1987, DC Comics)
  • Team 7: Operation Hell #1-3 (artist, 1995, Wildstorm/Image comics)

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