Christian College of Nursing

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Christian College of Nursing
Location Gwangju, South Korea
35°08′19″N 126°54′58″E / 35.13849°N 126.91602°E / 35.13849; 126.91602Coordinates: 35°08′19″N 126°54′58″E / 35.13849°N 126.91602°E / 35.13849; 126.91602
Christian College of Nursing
Hangul 기독간호대학
Revised Romanization Gidok Ganho Daehak
McCune–Reischauer Kidok Kanho Taehak

Christian College of Nursing is a South Korean technical college specialized in training for the nursing profession. The campus is located in the country's southwest, in the metropolitan city of Gwangju. The current president is Myeung-sook Koh. It enrolls about 360 students[1] and is affiliated with the Gwangju Christian Hospital.


All of the college's academic offerings are related to nursing.


The college first opened its doors in 1967 as Supia Nursing School (수피아간호학교) with an entering class of 40 students. The college took its present name in 1998.

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