Charlotta Cederström

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Charlotta Cederström

Christina Charlotta Cederström née Mörner af Morlanda (2 March 1760 – 22 February 1832) was a Swedish dilettante artist, salon hostess, and baroness. She was an honorary member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts, as well as an honorary member of the French Académie des Beaux-Arts[1]


Her father was Count Gustaf Mörner af Morlanda. She was married in 1780 to Baron Axel Ture Gyllenkrok, whom she divorced in 1799, and married Baron Bror Cederström (1780–1877) in 1800. She was the mother of Axel Gustaf Gyllenkrok.

During her first marriage, she spent her days on her husband's estate in the countryside, Björnstorp Castle. Bored, she developed her artistic talents in various genres. She wrote poems and a novel in the style of Rousseau. She drew in ink and Indian ink and painted in oil. She wrote songs and composed music to them, the best known being "Välkommen, o måne, min åldrige vän" (Welcome, oh Moon, my old friend).

After her second marriage, she moved to Stockholm, where she established a salon and became a central figure in the city's cultural life. She participated in the exhibitions of the academy with oil paintings. In 1803, she was elected an honorary member of both the Swedish and French Academies of Art.


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