Anna Nordlander

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Anna Nordlander

Anna Catharina Nordlander (28 October 1843, Skellefteå - 26 February 1879, Härnösand), was a Swedish painter. She is known for her portraits and her depictions of genre- nature- and folk life: she is counted as a pioneer in illustration the life of the Forest Sami.


Anna Nordlander was born to parish vicar Nils Nordlander (1796–1874) and och Anna Maria Gestrin, and was raised in Skellefteå. She studied at the Royal Swedish Academy of Arts (1866), for Jean-François Portaels in Brussels and at the Académie Julian in Paris.

Nordlander is represented on several Swedish museums, such as Nationalmuseum in Stockholm. She was, however, not particularly acknowledged until the late 20th-century. In her own time, it was not regarded as entirely proper for a woman to be a 'public person', which has been given as a reason for this.


The Museum Anna Nordlander in Skellefteå, founded in 1995, is named after her. The museum has also founded the Anna Nordlander-priset (Anna Nordlander Award).


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