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Christophe Caze (born 22 October 1969; died 29 March 1996 in Kortrijk) was a French terrorist and criminal, a former medical student in Lille, France. Caze was one of France's foremost terrorists.

While studying medicine he converted to Islam and was drawn to Islamic extremist movements.[1][2] He travelled to Bosnia in 1992 to practice medicine, and worked in a Zenica hospital.[3]

Returning to France, he led the "Gang de Roubaix", a group of mostly Algerian terrorists based in Roubaix, France on a spree of robbing banks, armoured cars and shops - before they were raided at their apartment after police discovered a bomb inside a Peugeot three blocks from the 1996 G7 meeting. Although Caze escaped the initial raid, he was shot trying to ram a police checkpoint the following day on motorway E17 near Kortrijk, Belgium.

His address book was found to contain the contact information for Fateh Kamel, an Algerian living in Canada suspected of militant ties.[4]

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