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Christopher Gutteridge is a Systems, Information and Web programmer, part of the IT Innovation team in the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton.[1] He is known for being the lead developer for GNU EPrints [2] and for being an advocate for Open Data,[3] Linked Data[4] and the Open Web.[5]

Notable Achievements[edit]

In May 2005 Gutteridge won the UK's Unix and Open Systems User Group award for his work on the Open Archive Software: GNU EPrints.[6] The UKUUG awards an annual prize to give particular recognition to the development of free and open-source software in the UK.[7]

In March 2011 Gutteridge launched,[8] which provides open access to a number of non-confidential administrative datasets at the University of Southampton[9] and which won the 2012 Times Higher Education Award for Outstanding ICT Initiative of the Year.[10]


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