Christopher McKitterick

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Christopher McKitterick
Christopher McKitterick
BornJuly 4, 1967
Florida, United States
OccupationAuthor, editor, professor
NationalityUnited States

Christopher McKitterick (born 1967) is an American writer of science fiction and an academic concerned with the field. He is Director of the Center for the Study of Science Fiction, a program at the University of Kansas that supports an annual series of classes, workshops, and AboutSF, a resource for teachers and readers of science fiction.

McKitterick is nominations director for the Theodore Sturgeon Award for the best short SF story of the year, and a juror for the John W. Campbell Memorial Award for Best Science Fiction Novel.

He completed degrees in English: undergraduate from the University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire in 1991, and master's from the University of Kansas in 1996.

McKitterick teaches science fiction, technical communication, and creative writing in the English department of the University of Kansas.



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