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Glamour Camp was a short-lived American pop/rock musical project fronted by Christopher Otcasek, the son of The Cars' Ric Ocasek (Otcasek is the original spelling of their surname)[1].

Otcasek obtained a recording contract with EMI Records, who released their self-titled debut album, produced by Jonathan Elias, in 1988[2]. Though nominally a band, Glamour Camp was essentially a solo project for Otcasek, with many performances on the album played by hired session musicians, including Will Lee and Sid McGinnis of David Letterman's house band, and drummer Andy Newmark[3]. The single, “She Did It”, was first released in 1988, and the video received some light play on MTV, but never caught on; EMI re-released it the next year as "She Did It for Love", but it again failed to make any commercial impact. Although the Glamour Camp name was discontinued within a year, Otcasek remained under contract to EMI, which further resulted in his solo appearance on the soundtrack to Pretty Woman with a cover of Johnny O'Keefe's "Wild One", done in the style of Iggy Pop's previous cover, 1986's "Real Wild Child (Wild One)"[4].