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Chuck Niles (aka "Bebop Charlie") (born Charles Neidel; June 24, 1927 - March 15, 2004) was a well-known jazz disc jockey who became the only jazz DJ to be on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.[1]

Niles was born in Springfield, Massachusetts, and first gained notoriety on Los Angeles commercial jazz station KNOB-FM in 1957. In 1965 he moved to KBCA-FM (later KKGO). After that station switched formats, he took over the afternoon drive slot at the non-commercial, public-supported KLON-FM (now KKJZ) on the campus of Cal State Long Beach. Chuck Niles was a DJ for KKJZ from 1990 until his death in Santa Monica in 2004.

Horace Silver ("The Hippest Cat in Hollywood'), Louie Bellson ("Niles Blues"), and Bob Florence ("Bebop Charlie", "Nilestones"), and others have written tunes for “Carlitos Niles”. He also appeared in small parts in several films.


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