Circumcise Me

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Circumcise Me
Produced by Matthew Kalman
Starring Yisrael Campbell
Release date
  • 2008 (2008)
Language English

Circumcise Me is a 2008 film about the American-born Israeli comedian Yisrael Campbell.[1]

It was produced by Matthew Kalman, foreign news correspondent in Jerusalem for USA Today, Canada's Globe & Mail and other newspapers, and David Blumenfeld, an Israel-based photographer who has photographed for Time, Newsweek and other publications.[1]

The film, originally screened under the title It's Not in Heaven: The Comedy of Yisrael Campbell,[2] is about a Catholic convert to Judaism who has become a stand-up comedy star in Israel. Campbell's routine riffs on the fact that he converted to Judaism three times, once Reform, once Conservative and once Orthodox.[3]

The Economist calls the film "hilarious and moving".[4]

The film has been screened in Toronto and Jerusalem, and was scheduled to be released in the United States autumn 2008.[1]


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