Cita en las estrellas

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Cita en las estrellas
Cita en las estrella.jpg
Directed by Carlos Schlieper
Written by Alejandro Verbitzky
Emilio Villalba Welsh
Starring María Duval
Juan Carlos Thorry
Osvaldo Miranda
Héctor Calcaño
Music by Víctor Slister
Cinematography Juan Jacoby Renard
Release date
13 January 1949
Running time
83 minutes
Country Argentina
Language Spanish

Cita en las estrellas is a 1949 Argentine romantic comedy film directed by Carlos Schlieper.[1] It stars María Duval, Juan Carlos Thorry, Osvaldo Miranda and Héctor Calcaño. It premiered on January 13, 1949.[2]


Two lovers are separated and marry other partners. After that boyfriend dies, the girlfriend becomes delirious.



The film was well received by critics, with the newspaper La Nación approving of the narrative.[3] Some elements of the film were compared to Henry Hathaway's Peter Ibbetson.


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