Clan of the White Lotus

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Clan of the White Lotus
Clan of the White Lotus FilmPoster.jpeg
Directed by Lo Lieh
Produced by Run Run Shaw
Written by Haung Tien
Starring Lo Lieh
Gordon Liu
Kara Hui
Johnny Wang
Hsiao Ho
Music by Eddie Wang
Cinematography Chih Chun Ao
Edited by Hsing-lung Chiang
Yen Hae Li
Distributed by Shaw Brothers
Release date
  • 1980 (1980)
Running time
98 min.
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese

Clan of the White Lotus is a 1980 Shaw Brothers kung fu film directed by Lo Lieh, with action choreography by Lau Kar Leung, and starring Lo Lieh and Gordon Liu. It is released as Fists of the White Lotus in North America.

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