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Clásico Internacional del Caribe
Grade I Stakes race
Clasico del Caribe 2009 (logo).jpg
"The Caribbean Derby"
Location Variable
Inaugurated 1966
Race type Thoroughbred
Website Clásico del Caribe
Race information
Distance 1 18 miles (1,800 m)
Surface Dirt
Track Left-handed
Qualification 3-year-old
Weight Winner Countries: Colt/Gelding: 124 lbs
Filly: 118 lbs
Other Countries: Colt/Gelding/Filly: 116 lbs
Purse US$400,000

The traditional Clásico Internacional del Caribe or Caribbean Derby is the thoroughbred Grade I stakes race in Latin America for three-year-old thoroughbred horses, held on the month of December. The current holder of the title is the Mexican filly Jala Jala. The race features the best 3 year old colts and fillies from the countries which are members of the Confederacion Hipica del Caribe.

Along with the celebration of the Clásico Internacional del Caribe, four other international races are programmed during the weekend festivities. These races are the Copa Velocidad (Caribbean Sprint Cup) (6f), Copa Dama del Caribe (Caribbean Ladies' Classic) (8.5f), Copa Invitacional del Caribe (10f), and the Confraternity Cup (10f) for 3 & up horses.

The latter event has been broadcast through ESPN and its stations on a yearly basis since 2000, given its popularity throughout the racing industry. Together with other news reporters from Central, South and Latin America, ESPN takes coverage of this breathtakingly emotional event throughout the United States, the Caribbean and all Latin America.

The 2017 edition of the Clásico Internacional del Caribe was held at Gulfstream Park in the United States. Gulfstream was the first pari-mutuel track outside of Latin American and the Caribbean to host the event.[1]


The Clásico Internacional del Caribe occurred after thirteen years of arduous work. Engineer Ramón Llobet Jr and Lic. Abelardo Ruiz Suria, among other distinguished Puerto Rican horsemen, created the event in 1966. This derby was designed in order to strengthen ties of friendship and brotherhood between the countries of the Caribbean. To be eligible to run in the Clásico a thoroughbred must be bred in one of the confederation member nations.

Panamá is the country with most winning in this stake with 15 followed by Venezuela with 13, Mexico with 11 and Puerto Rico with 8. Colombia and Dominican Republic has won the stake only once. The Venezuelan jockey Emisael Jaramillo has more victories in this stake with 5 followed by Panamanian Cornelio Velasquez with 3.

Four jockeys have won both the Kentucky Derby and the Clasico Internacional del Caribe:

Gustavo Avila is the only jockey to win the Preakness Stakes and the Caribbean Derby (Canonero II and Victoreado (VEN)).

Five jockeys have won the Belmont Stakes and the Caribbean Derby:

Venezuela is the only country to win on four consecutive occasions (with Bambera in 2009, Water Jet in 2010, Heisenberg in 2011 and El de Chine in 2012). On eleven occasions a country has managed to finish in the top two positions: Mexico with Guadamur and Gumiel (1969), Voy por Uno and Barrullero (1976) and Ezgarta and Gran Zar (1978); Venezuela with Rayo Laser and Gallardete (1987), Alighieri and Jib Dancer (1997), Water Jet and Gran Charlie (2010); Panama with Cortisol and Gotti (1999), and El Tigre Mono and Chantik (2016); and Puerto Rico with Vuelve Candy B. and Satin Charger (1991), Borrascoso and Shahid (2005), Soy Conquistador and Primero Nieto (2007). In 2009, for the first time officially two fillies occupied the top two positions: Bambera (VEN) and Vivian Record (MEX). In 1996 two fillies, Angelical (PAN) and La Supernova (PR), occupied the top two positions but the latter was disqualified to the 3rd position.

On one occasion a brother-sister team sired by the same horse were the first and second-place finishers: El Tigre Mono and Chantik finished 1-2 in 2016. Both were sired by Concerto.

The longest gap between winners of one country is of 14 years (Puerto Rico - Wiso G, 1968 to Guaybanex, 1982).

Pikotazo (MEX) is the only winner of the Clásico del Caribe to run in the US Triple Crown Race (in the 1980 Belmont Stakes, finishing 10th).

Verset Dancer(PR) was the first filly to win the Clásico del Caribe, also establishing a track (the then Hipodromo El Comandante) and stake record (1:50:1/5). Five more fillies beside Verset Dancer have won the Clásico del Caribe: Galilea (COL) in 1984; Angelical (PAN) in 1996; Alexia (PAN) in 2001; Bambera (VEN) in 2009 and Ninfa del Cielo (VEN) in 2014.

Verset Jet (PR), winner in 1993 is a product out of Verset Dancer (PR), winner in 1983.

Rosemary Homeister, Jr. is the first(and so far only) female jockey to win the Clasico del Caribe.

Four Clasico del Caribe winners went to win the Copa Confraternidad (Confraternity Cup): Verset Jet (PR) in 1994; My Own Business (VEN) in 2002 and 2003; Soy Conquistador (PR) in 2009; and El Tigre Mono (PAN) in 2017.

Winners of the Clásico Internacional del Caribe[edit]

Year Host Track Winner Jockey Trainer Owner Time
2017 United States Gulfstream Park[note 1] Mexico Jala Jala ‡ Irad Ortiz, Jr. Fausto Gutierrez Cuadra San Jorge 1:52.14
2016 Puerto Rico Camarero Panama El Tigre Mono Felix Salgado Carlos Espino Guanti Stud Marathon 1:57.33
2015 Panama Presidente Remón Panama Calinico [note 2] Jose Lezcano Alberto Paz Rodríguez Stud Campo Azul 1:57:33
2014 Venezuela La Rinconada Venezuela Ninfa del Cielo ‡ Emisael Jaramillo Juan Carlos Ávila Stud El Oso Yogui 1:51.00
2013 Panama Presidente Remón Mexico Diamante Negro Moisés Gonzalez Fausto Gutierrez Cuadra Mapa 1:54:54
2012 Puerto Rico Camarero Venezuela El de Chine Emisael Jaramillo Juan Carlos Ávila Stud Monte Piedad 1:52.69
2011 Panama Presidente Remón Venezuela Heisenberg Emisael Jaramillo Santos Mario Domínguez Stud Jabces 1:54.00
2010 Venezuela La Rinconada Venezuela Water Jet † Emisael Jaramillo Gustavo Delgado Establo El Fantasma 1:48.80[note 3]
2009 Puerto Rico Camarero Venezuela Bambera Edgar Pérez Gustavo Delgado Establo Paula-C 1:51.60
2008 Puerto Rico Camarero Dominican Republic Sicotico † Joel Rosario Eugenio Deschamps Establo Jacksan 1:52.54
2007 Puerto Rico Camarero Puerto Rico Soy Conquistador Hector Berrios Máximo Gomez Establo Edelsam 1:50.06[note 4]
2006 Puerto Rico El Comandante Panama Ay Papá Fernando Jara José Carrillo Stud Angel C 1:53.02
2005 Puerto Rico El Comandante Puerto Rico Borrascoso Alexis Feliciano Sammy Garcia Silent Stable 1:54.60
2004 Puerto Rico El Comandante Panama Spago † Cornelio Velasquez Moises Henriquez Stud La Marea 1:52.47
2003 Puerto Rico El Comandante Panama Cafajeste Cornelio Velasquez Rafael Fernandez Prado Stud Full House 1:53.73
2002 Puerto Rico El Comandante Venezuela Gran Abuelo Angel Castillo Gustavo Delgado Stud Los Grandes 1:52.27
2001 Puerto Rico El Comandante Panama Alexia ‡ Rosemary Homeister, Jr. Eric Gittens Stud Campo Azul 1:54.56
2000 Puerto Rico El Comandante Venezuela My Own Business Emisael Jaramillo Antonio Bellardi Stud Fantasia 1:51.76
1999 Panama Presidente Remón Panama Cortisol Camilo Pitty Julio Torres Stud Cantón 1:52.20
1998 Trinidad and Tobago Santa Rosa Park Panama Evaristo † [note 5] Jesus Barria Roberto Arango Stud El Naranjo 1:52.22
1997 Venezuela La Rinconada Venezuela Alighieri Douglas Valiente Aantonio Catanese Stud San Omero 1:50.40
1996 Puerto Rico El Comandante Panama Angelical ‡ Roberto Perez Roberto Arango Stud Nakacat 1:54.73
1995 Dominican Republic V Centenário Mexico Locochón Javier Matías Juan Ruiz Garcia Cuadra Santa Rita 1:49.2/5
1994 Puerto Rico El Comandante Puerto Rico El Gran Nano [note 6] Julio Garcia Jesus M. Rodriguez Establo Tres M. N/A
1993 Puerto Rico El Comandante Puerto Rico Verset's Jet Juan Cintrón Jorge Maymo Establo Mandarria 1:51.2/5
1992 Puerto Rico El Comandante Panama Leonardo † Cornelio Velasquez Alberto Paz Rodriguez Stud La Marea 1:51.3/5
1991 Puerto Rico El Comandante Puerto Rico Vuelve Candy B.[note 7] Julio Garcia Candelario Bonilla Establo Nori-Annette N/A
1990 Venezuela Santa Rita Venezuela Don Fabián Juan V. Tovar César Cachazo Stud Doña Félida 1:59.0 [note 8]
1989 Puerto Rico El Comandante Panama Pan de los Pobres Alfredo Smith Jr. Felix Rodriguez Jr. Lucky Four Stables 1:53.1/5
1988 Mexico Caliente Mexico Don Gabriel Humberto Enriquez Alfredo Márquez Cuadra San Gabriel 1:51.4/5
1987 Puerto Rico El Comandante Venezuela Rayo Laser Rafael Torrealba Agustin Bezara Establo Tamborazo 1:52.3/5
1986 Mexico Caliente Venezuela Benemérito Douglas Valiente Daniel Perez Stud Gorjeadora 1:49.3/5
1985 Venezuela La Rinconada Panama Patilargo Victor Tejada Felix Rodriguez Jr. Militza y Carlos Romero 1:58.0 [note 9]
1984 Panama Presidente Remón Colombia Galilea ‡ Jorge Duarte Manuel Munar Haras Santa Lucía 1:57.2/5
1983 Puerto Rico El Comandante Puerto Rico Verset Dancer ‡ Santos Navarro Jose Maymo Establo Pro 1:50.1/5
1982 Puerto Rico El Comandante Puerto Rico Guaybanex Juan Santiago Juan M. Rodriguez Establo Caribe 1:53.3/5
1981 Puerto Rico El Comandante Panama El Cómico Victor Tejada Dario Ramos Stud Los Novatos 1:53.3/5
1980 Venezuela La Rinconada Mexico Pikotazo † Laffit Pincay, Jr. Alberto Barrera Cuadra Just Horgus 1:52.1/5
1979 Not held
1978 Puerto Rico El Comandante Mexico Ezgarta Ruben Hernandez Eusebio Razo Beltran Cuadra Sigui 1:51.0
1977 Puerto Rico El Comandante Venezuela Huracan Sí Argenis Rosillo Juan Vidal Stud Balbico 1:54.2/5
1976 Mexico Las Américas Mexico Voy por Uno Gustavo Marquez Eusebio Razo Beltran Cuadra Ely 1:55.3/5
1975 Venezuela La Rinconada Mexico Teziutlán Alberto Zepeda René Castillo Jorge Sarur Aburto 2:02.0 [note 10]
1974 Puerto Rico El Comandante Panama Barremina Jacinto Vasquez Alberto Paz Rodriguez Stud Characo 1:54.3/5
1973 Panama Presidente Remón Panama Montecarlo † Marcel Zuñiga Felix Rodriguez Dolores de Shulte 1:57.3/5
1972 Not held
1971 Venezuela La Rinconada Mexico Nacozareño Guillermo Gavidia Tomas Lopez Altamira Cuadra Georgina 1:54.0
1970 Panama Presidente Remón Mexico Hashin Miguel Yanez Jose Barba Cuadra Carrusel 1:56.3/5
1969 Mexico Las Américas Mexico Guadamur Alberto Zepeda Antonio Justo Cuadra Carrusel 1:52.4/5
1968 Puerto Rico El Comandante Puerto Rico Wiso G. Carlos Lopez Diego Acevedo Cinderella Stud 1:54.1/5
1967 Venezuela La Rinconada Mexico El Comanche Ruben Contreras Claudino Hernandez Cuadra San Luis 1:56.3/5
1966 Puerto Rico El Comandante Venezuela Victoreado Gustavo Avila Domingo Noguera Mora Stud Raga 1:56.1/5

A † designates a Triple Crown Winner in their native country.
A ‡ designates a filly.

  • Notes:
  1. ^ First running outside of Latin America and the Caribbean
  2. ^ A formal objection by second place finisher Huitlacoche's (MEX) team was dismissed by the officials.
  3. ^ Stakes Record
  4. ^ New track record at the Hipodromo Camarero
  5. ^ Disqualification of High Security (VEN) to second place
  6. ^ Disqualifications of Golden End (PR) and Waki Boy (PR) due to doping
  7. ^ Disqualifications of Rio Chamita (VEN) and Landrea (VEN) due to doping
  8. ^ Held over 1 3/16 miles (1.900 meters)
  9. ^ Held over 1 3/16 miles (1.900 meters)
  10. ^ Held over 1 3/16 miles (1.900 meters)

Winners by Country[edit]

Country Wins
Panama Panama 15
Venezuela Venezuela 13
Mexico Mexico 11
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico 8
Colombia Colombia 1
Dominican Republic Dominican Republic 1



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