The Clay People

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Live @ the QE2 99' Photo by Nadine Swiger
The Clay People
Also known as Clay People
Origin Albany, New York
Genres Industrial Rock, Industrial Metal
Associated acts Stabbing Westward, Fear Factory,[1] The Dreaming, Acumen Nation, OWL, Iron Lung Corp
  • Daniel Neet
  • Dan Dinsmore
  • Brian McGarvey
  • Karl Von Heilman III
  • Eliot L. Engelman
Past members
  • Mike Guzzardi
  • Peter E. Porto
  • Brendan Slater
  • D. Patrick Walsh
  • Walter Flakus
  • J. Alexander Eller
  • Eric Schwanke
  • Karla Williams
  • Duane Beer
  • Will Nivens
  • Kevin Bakarian
  • John Stevens
  • Kevin Micheal Scott
  • Jon McClendon

The Clay People is an industrial rock band based in Albany, New York. Singer-programmer Daniel Neet has been the only constant member throughout the band's history, leading the group as its sound has evolved to incorporate gothic, industrial and metal influences. Neet is also a member of the band Iron Lung Corp.

Originally known as "Clay People," the group added "The" to their name with the release of a self-titled 1998 album, marking a change in direction toward a less-synthetic/sampled approach to live performance with a lineup featuring Neet, Brian McGarvey (guitar), Mike Guzzardi (guitar), D. Patrick Walsh (bass) and Dan Dinsmore (drums). The Clay People (1998 album) was produced by Neil Kernon for Slipdisc Records (a Mercury affiliate); Kernon also worked with Queensrÿche, David Bowie, Judas Priest, and Queen among many others. It was the band's most commercially successful release, and songs from the record were included in the soundtracks to films Strangeland and Universal Soldier: The Return, as well as on the soundtracks to several video games.

The band went on hiatus in the early 2000s as members pursued solo and side projects or launched new bands, including Idols Never Die and Black Incorporated featuring both Guzzardi and Dinsmore. A new album from The Clay People, Waking the Dead, was released on May 22, 2007 via Overit Records with a lineup featuring only Neet, Dinsmore and McGarvey from the 1998 band.

Alongside the new release was a music video for the album's first single, "Supersonic Overdrive," directed by Jay Bender of Phobic Films. Following the release of "Waking the Dead" the band would go on to play several festivals including Edgefest alongside bands such as Sponge, Evans Blue, Finger Eleven, and Fuel to name a few. After some minor touring throughout the northeast the band would once again become inactive.

In June 2012, The Clay People reformed to perform the Jamie Duffy memorial show "Cold Waves". The band would return for Coldwaves II which Burton C. Bell of the iconic industrial metal band Fear Factory would join The Clay People on stage for a special performance of their fan favorite track Pariah. The Cold Waves shows would include a line-up never seen before of the who's who of the industrial scene including long time friends Acumen Nation, 16 Volt, Chemlab, Hate Dept., Go Fight, I:Scintilla, Cyanotic, and members of the Revolting Cocks. This show would make The Clay People active again putting them back into the studio.

A new full length album is coming in 2016.


  • Daniel Neet: Vocals/Programming
  • Brian McGarvey: Guitar
  • Dan Dinsmore: Drums
  • Karl Von Heilmann III: Guitar

Former members[edit]

  • Mike Guzzardi: Guitar
  • D. Patrick Walsh: Bass
  • Brendan Slater: Bass
  • Eliot L. Engelman: Bass
  • Eric Schwanke: Bass
  • John Delehanty: Guitar
  • J. Alexander Eller: Keyboards and Programming
  • Peter E. Porto: Bass (co-founder)
  • Walter Flakus (ex-Stabbing Westward): Guitars, Keyboards, Backing Vocals
  • Karla Williams: Guitar
  • Duane Beer: Guitar
  • Will Nivens: Guitar
  • Bill Rettie: Keyboards
  • Kevin Bakarian: Drums
  • Kevin Micheal Scott: Guitar
  • Jon McClendon: Drums


  • The Calling b/w Nothing 7" (1990)
  • Toybox EP (1991) Production credit George Hagegeorge
  • Firetribe (1993) Production credit George Hagegeorge
  • Cringe (Germany Release) (1995) production credit George Hagegeorge, Van Christie, Jason McNinch
  • Iron Icon (1995) production credit Van Christie, Jason McNinch
  • Strange Day (1996) production credit George Hagegeorge
  • Stone Ten Stitches (1997) production credit George Hagegeorge
  • The Clay People (1998) production credit Neil Kernon
  • The Headhunter Demos (2001)
  • Waking the Dead (2007)

Compilation Appearances[edit]

  • Shut Up Kitty (Various Artists) (1994) - "Paranoid"
  • Tribute To Black Sabbath: Eternal Masters (Various Artists) (1994) - "Paranoid"[2]
  • Thugs 'N' Kisses (Various Artists) (1995) - "Pale God (Raw Version)"
  • Operation Beatbox (Various Artists) (1996) - "Jump Around"
  • Strangeland (Various Artists, Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (1998) - "Awake"
  • Universal Soldier II: The Return (Various Artists, (Original Television Soundtrack) (1998) - "Awake"
  • ColdWaves II (Various Artists) (1997/2013) - "Stone" (Remix by Chris "Boom" Paige)


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