Closure (video game)

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Developer(s) Eyebrow Interactive
Publisher(s) Eyebrow Interactive
Programmer(s) Tyler Glaiel
Artist(s) Jon Schubbe
Platform(s) Mac, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation Network, Linux
Release PlayStation 3

Microsoft Windows & Mac
September 7, 2012[2]

December 19, 2012[3]
Genre(s) Puzzle/Platformer
Mode(s) Single-player

Closure is an independent video game developed by programmer Tyler Glaiel and artist Jon Schubbe with music and sound by Chris Rhyne. Originally released as a Flash game of the same name on the website Newgrounds, a full version of the game has been developed for Microsoft Windows, Mac[2] and PlayStation Network in Spring 2012.[4] Additionally, the game made its Linux debut as part of Humble Indie Bundle 7 on December 19, 2012.[3]


Closure is a puzzle/platformer title that centers on the concept of light. Through each of the many levels, the goal is to reach the door at the end. Lighting is a key gameplay mechanic, as only platforms and walls illuminated by lightbulbs, or orbs of light the player can carry can actually be touched by the player. The player can therefore walk through walls or fall through the floor based on where the light is. However, this also means the player can fall to their death accidentally by neglecting to stay inside of lit areas. There are also other objects which the player can interact with, such as hinged spotlights, keys, orb pedestals with various purposes and vines tied to orbs of light. The player has to make use of the light source and light orbs in order to get through the area without falling off the bottom.


The game won the Innovation Award at Indiecade, the award for Excellence in Audio at the 2010 Independent Games Festival [5] and was the Grand Prize Winner at the 2012 Indie Game Challenge. [6]


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