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cloudControl GmbH
Industry Cloud platform as a service
Founded January 2009
Founder Philipp Strube, Tobias Wilken, Thomas Ruland
Headquarters Berlin, Germany
Key people
Günter Kraft, Peter Elsayeh, Thomas Ludwig, Philipp Möhring

cloudControl was a European company offering a platform as a service (PaaS) based in Berlin, Germany. Officially supported languages for development and deployment are Java, PHP, Python and Ruby via the open buildpack API originally developed by Heroku. The platform supports multiple environments for production, staging or development for each app.


cloudControl was founded in January 2009 by Philipp Strube, Tobias Wilken and Thomas Ruland in Bonn, Germany. The company moved to the Berlin, Germany area in early 2010 after getting business angel funding. Production support for the PHP programming language was launched in October 2010. The company raised VC funding August 2011 to accelerate product and team development. As a result of this, official support for Java, Python and Ruby programming languages has been launched in October 2012.

cloudControl went bankrupt in February 2016.[1][2]


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