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Cluster Innovation Centre
संकुल नवप्रवर्तन केंद्र
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MottoEvolving Senses, Dissolving Boundaries[1]
FounderProf. Dinesh Singh
DirectorProf. Harinder Pal Singh
28°35′3.65″N 77°9′46.62″E / 28.5843472°N 77.1629500°E / 28.5843472; 77.1629500Coordinates: 28°35′3.65″N 77°9′46.62″E / 28.5843472°N 77.1629500°E / 28.5843472; 77.1629500
CampusDelhi University, North Campus

The Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) [हिंदी: संकुल नवप्रवर्तन केंद्र] is a Government of India funded institute established under the aegis of the University of Delhi. It had been founded in 2011 and introduced Innovation as a credit based course for the first time in India.


The Cluster Innovation Centre is an institution of University of Delhi. It provides a platform for the University and its partners to forge linkages between various stakeholders from industry and academia, initiate and assist innovation activities and act as a catalyst and facilitator. With a team management structure, this centre will aid the cluster and its ecosystem in connecting with each other, provide guidance to various stakeholders on all aspects of the innovation process including training and support, organize initiatives to promote innovations, channel various incentives that benefit the cluster and act as an incubating body managing the growth of innovation in the ecosystem. It will therefore act as a hub for Innovation activities, facilitating and guiding development of ideas into innovative applications that can be marketed successfully.[citation needed][2]


With the launch of innovative schemes by MHRD,[3] the University felt that innovation programmes be launched which should enhance creative potential of students, have innovative curriculum, are more project oriented and tailored to the need of society and industry. Such programmes should be enabling for students to relate themselves to the real world problems in all spheres and look for innovative solution for the problems. University should work closely with villages or slums and provide and focus on solving local real world problems.

Front view of Cluster Innovation Centre


University of Delhi has set up Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC) with the objective of fostering an ecosystem of innovation and connecting research with application for the benefit of society. The CIC aims to support application oriented research to solve real world problems by developing ideas into innovative applications that can be commercialized successfully. The CIC will focus on developing affordable innovations that reach a large number of people and at the same time are commercially viable to be sustainable and relevant.[4] The main objectives of the Cluster Innovation Centre are:

  • Encourage an environment of innovation in the system
  • Develop innovative degree programs.
  • Educate and sensitize students, teachers by launching schemes on innovation programmes in colleges
  • Select ideas with potential by conducting training/orientation programmes/modules on innovation and researches
  • Develop ideas into innovative applications
  • Facilitate collaborations and partnerships with industry, academia and other stakeholders
  • Commercialize innovations and take them to the end users
  • Develop meaningful linkage with various segments of society.

Academic Programs[edit]

Programs offered by Cluster Innovation Centre (from academic session of 2013) are as follows:[5]

  • A four-year Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) Degree in Information Technology and Mathematical Innovations.[6] It's one of the most competitive undergraduate programs in India with an acceptance rate of less than 0.4%. There is an All India Entrance Exam for a total of 46 (40 Normal + 6 Supernumerary) seats in this program.The program includes training in core Mathematics, IT, Science, Computer Science, disciplines and additional courses on Innovation and technology management,electronics, entrepreneurship, business, communications,robotics, etc., but given that ‘Innovation’ is a fundamentally application oriented domain, there should be a strong focus on problem solving and project work and training from real world problems. Within a broad framework students should have the flexibility to undertake innovative problem solving projects in collaboration with industry and other stakeholders to earn their credits.
  • A three-year Bachelor of Arts (B.A hons.) degree in Humanities and Social science (Meta College).[7] The distinctive aspects of the program is its emphasis on hands-on projects, virtual learning, internships and group based activities, rather than relying exclusively on class room learning. Inter and transdisciplinarity is encouraged for a holistic understanding of Humanities.
  • Master of Science (MSc) degree in Mathematics Education (Meta University)[8]Under the concept of Meta University, M.Sc. (Mathematics Education) is a joint degree two year postgraduate programme jointly offered by University of Delhi and Jamia Millia Islamia. Cluster Innovation Centre (CIC), University of Delhi, administratively manages the program. The program aims to give the students some theoretical inputs and substantial hands-on experience in knowledge making. The Degree course reflects a transdisciplinary approach and will promote fresh viewpoints, making the learning and teaching process joyful and productive. Teaching may adopt several platforms including classroom, virtual and project based learning. Interactive methods of instruction will be encouraged. Students will take combinations of courses at both Jamia Millia Islamia and at the University of Delhi. Hands on learning, integrating school internships and innovation projects will be given vital importance. Mentors shall play key role in-group project work. Mentors will be carefully selected for their expertise in the relevant areas. They may be from both within the partner institutions and outside.


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