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Coalition of Hope Foundation
FormationSeptember 2005 (2005-09)
Legal statusNon-Profit Charity
PurposeGlobal humanitarian assistance and disaster relief
David Perez
Not to be confused with Coalition of Hope (Malaysia) (Pakatan Harapan)

The Coalition of Hope Foundation, Inc. (COH) is a US-based 501(c)(3), not-for-profit, charitable organization that provides global humanitarian assistance and disaster-relief support. COH was founded by Timothy J. Keegan in September 2005 in Miami FL.[1]

The primary goal of COH is Project Excelsior, a plan to utilize the recently decommissioned USS Nassau (LHA-4) as its primary operations platform. The vessel, referred to as a humanitarian assistance disaster relief vessel (HADR/V), will serve as a sea-based platform for conducting humanitarian assistance disaster relief (HADR) operations.[2] [3]


Haiti earthquake[edit]

Coalition of Hope Foundation CEO Tim Keegan was active in the response to the January 2010 Haiti earthquake. Keegan solicited corporations for donations of relief materials. Corporate sponsors responded and donated and estimated 1.2 million pounds of supplies for Haiti relief operations. Keegan worked with Operation Big Heart Brigade and the 143rd Expeditionary Sustainment Command (ESC) to transport the donated supplies to Haiti from the Florida collection-point at Opa-Locka Airport in Miami FL.[4]

This is a rendering of the USS Nassau refit as a dedicated humanitarian assistance/disaster relief vessel (HADR/V) in the colors of the Coalition of Hope charity.
Coalition of Hope HADR/V Excelsior. The ship flies the US, CoH, and Kuwaiti flags on the tri-mast amidships.

Hurricane Sandy[edit]

In October 2012 Hurricane Sandy devastated the US Northeast. The Coalition of Hope Foundation partnered with Catholic Relief and focused on providing assistance to residents of Rockaway Beach, Long Island, NY.[citation needed]

A fundraising concert to benefit Rockaway Relief featuring 'Celtic Thunder' was sponsored by Coalition of Hope on 3 December 2012[5]

Coalition of Hope also began a mold-remediation program in partnership with TruPro Restoration of Spring Brook Township, PA.[6]

Coalition of Hope Foundation ended its involvement with Hurricane Sandy relief operations in June 2013. On 18 June, CoH held a "Post Superstorm Sandy Rebuilding Resources Conference" at the Museum of Modern Art, Rockaway New York. This conference served to close out CoH's involvement in relief operations and provide the remaining stakeholders a forum to discuss best practices and lessons learned.[7]

Project Excelsior[edit]

The Coalition of Hope Foundation's Project Excelsior focuses on acquiring the former USS Nassau (LHA-4) and rebuilding it as a dedicated HADR/V. The ship is currently in inactive storage at the Department of Transportation (DOT) Maritime Administration (MARAD) Central Region Beaumont Reserve Fleet (BRF) near Beaumont, Texas (30° 1'32.88"N 94° 0'26.28"W).

The United States Government last released a former US Navy vessel for humanitarian missions in 1960. From 1960 through 1974, the People to People Health Foundation operated the former USS Consolation (AH-15) as the SS HOPE, cruising to bring medical relief to underdeveloped areas of the world, including South Vietnam, Peru, Ecuador, Guinea, Nicaragua, Colombia, Sri Lanka, Tunisia, Jamaica, and Brazil.[8]

All Partners Access Network[edit]

COH is a member of the All Partners Access Network (APAN),[9] a U.S. Department of Defense social-networking site, which fosters information sharing across organizational and geographic boundaries.[10]

Recent media coverage[edit]

Tallahassee Democrat[11] "An FSU grad's big plan: Acquire a retired Navy ship to respond to humanitarian crises" September 2018

Defense Update[12] "Navy Asked to Donate Ex. USS Nassau to Support Humanitarian Relief Worldwide" November 2013.

Rock Thiz Magazine[13] and The Pulse Magazine[1] both ran feature stories about CoH and Project Excelsior in April 2014.


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