Coat of arms of Kiribati

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National Emblem of Kiribati
Kiribati National Emblem.png
ArmigerRepublic of Kiribati
BlazonGules, issuant from a base barry wavy Argent and Azure, a Sun in Splendour Or, in chief a Frigate Bird volant Or.
MottoTe Mauri Te Raoi Ao Te Tabomoa
"Health, Peace and Prosperity"

The coat of arms of Kiribati officially known as the National Emblem of Kiribati is the heraldic symbol representing the Central Pacific island nation of Kiribati. The arms feature a yellow frigatebird over a rising sun on a red background among white and blue stripes (symbol of the Pacific) and the 3 groups of stripes represent (Gilbert, Phoenix and Line Islands). The 17 rays of the sun represent the 16 Gilbert Islands and Banaba (former Ocean Island). On the ribbon under the shield is the Gilbertese motto Te Mauri Te Raoi Ao Te Tabomoa (Health, Peace, and Prosperity).

The coat of arms was proposed on 1 May 1937 to the then British Gilbert and Ellice Islands and was made the official coat of arms of Kiribati in 1979 with the new motto.

The same motif is seen on the flag of Kiribati.


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