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The Seal of Niue

The Seal of Niue, or the Public Seal of Niue, is the official seal of Niue. It was created in 1974 when Niue gained independence and joined into free association with New Zealand.


Before 1974 Niue used the Coat of Arms of New Zealand. The Niue Constitution Act, passed in 1974, provided for a unique seal to be created for Niue. The Seal was to be held by the Speaker of the Niue Assembly, and was to be used to authenticate public documents or to affirm creation of new laws by the Cabinet of Niue. The Speaker is also responsible for ensuring that the Seal is not misused.[1] All judicial notices in Niue are affixed with the Seal.[2] In 1977, after a request from the Niue Assembly, the Parliament of New Zealand passed the Seal of New Zealand Act with an amendment relating to Niue to bring the design of the Public Seal of Niue into line with the other nations in the Realm of New Zealand.[3] Before 2007 the Seal of Niue was used in Tokelau to confirm the passage of legislation. In 2007 the Tokelau Amendment Act 2007 was passed, which replaced the use of the Seal of Niue in Tokelau and substituted it with "under the hand of the Administrator of Tokelau".[4]


The Seal of Niue has at its centre the coat of arms of New Zealand, which is a shield divided into quarters. In the first quarter is the constellation of the Southern Cross, in the second a golden fleece, a sheaf of wheat in the third, and two crossed hammers in the fourth. Over the four-quarters in the centre appears a white band on which there are three black ships. The shield is supported by a woman dressed in a white robe carrying the flag of New Zealand, representing the population that descended from European immigrants (mainly British), and a Maori warrior armed with a spear, representing the indigenous population. At the head of the shield is a crown, and at the foot of the shield is a ribbon with the words "New Zealand". The Seal is on a white circle, with "Public Seal of Niue" along the top, and "Niue" at the bottom.[5]

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