Cobb River (New Zealand)

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Cobb River, New Zealand
Cobb River 361.JPG
Looking up the Cobb Valley
Country New Zealand
Physical characteristics
Main source Lake Cobb
1,090 m (3,580 ft)
River mouth Takaka River
220 m (720 ft)
Length 26 km (16 mi)

The Cobb River is a river in the Tasman Region of New Zealand. It flows southeast from Lake Cobb on the northern slopes of Mount Cobb, in Kahurangi National Park, in the northwestern South Island. The river's waters are captured behind a dam to become the Cobb Reservoir; the outflow continues to join with the Takaka River.[1] The river is named for J.W. Cobb, a local mill owner, who discovered it.[2]

Brown and rainbow trout are available for fishing in the river.[3] A tramping track follows the river between Lake Cobb and the reservoir and there are several backcountry huts in the river valley.

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Coordinates: 41°05′S 172°44′E / 41.083°S 172.733°E / -41.083; 172.733