Cochlicopa lubrica

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Cochlicopa lubrica
Cochlicopa lubrica 2.png
A live Cochlicopa lubrica
Scientific classification
C. lubrica
Binomial name
Cochlicopa lubrica
  • Cochlicopa repentina Hudec, 1960
  • Cionella lubrica

Cochlicopa lubrica is a species of small air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusk in the family Cochlicopidae.


The 5–7.5 x 2.4–2.9 mm shell has 4–5 moderately convex whorls.The aperture inside is slightly thickened. There are no apertural teeth and there is no umbilicus. Shell colour is horny yellowish to reddish brown. The animal is greyish or blackish, with dark tentacles .

This species can be hard to differentiate from the similar species Cochlicopa lubricella.


Cochlicopa repentina Hudec, 1960 has been evaluated as a form of Cochlicopa lubrica in 1994.[3]

Shell of Cochlicopa lubrica


This species occurs in countries and islands including:


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