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Coco or CoCo may refer to:


  • Coco (given name), a first name, its shorthand, or unrelated nickname
  • Coco (surname), a list of people with the name
  • Coco (cartoonist) (born 1982), pen name of French cartoonist Corinne Rey
  • Coco Argentée (born 1982), Cameroonian singer-songwriter born Corine Céline Ntyame
  • Coco Martin (born 1981), stage name of Filipino actor and stuntman Rodel Pacheco Nacianceno
  • Coco Solid (born 1979), New Zealand musician born Jessica Hansell
  • Coco Star, stage name of English singer-songwriter Susan Brice
  • Nicolai Poliakoff (1900–1974), known as Coco the Clown
  • Michael Polakovs (1923–2009), also known as Coco the Clown, son of the above
  • Eliot Sumner (born 1990), English musician performing as Coco Sumner and I Blame Coco

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  • Coco (2017 film), a computer-animated fantasy adventure by Disney/Pixar set in the Mexican Land of the Dead
  • Coco (2009 film), a French comedy starring Gad Elmaleh



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