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Origin Japan
Genres heavy metal, groove metal
Years active 1991–present
Labels Sinkie, Toy's Factory, Carnage
Members Take-Shit
Past members Ryuji
Suzuki Shinichi

Cocobat is a Japanese heavy metal band, named after Bobo Brazil's finishing move Coco Butt. The band formed in 1991 with four members: bassist Take-Shit, vocalist Ryuji, guitarist Suzuki Shinichi and drummer Matsuzaki. Their first album, Cocobat Crunch, was released in April 1992 on the indie label Sinkie. In August, the band released a second album, titled Struggle of Aphrodite and began a tour of Japan with a number of other bands.

In 1993, Cocobat switched to Toy's Factory and re-released its original album under this label. Subsequently, the band underwent a series of changes in its line-up. Of the four original members, two left in December 1993, leaving only Take-Shit and Ryuji. 1994 saw the arrival of two new members–Tomoda (guitar) and Murochin (drums)–and the departure of Ryuji following the release of Foot Prints in the Sky. After releasing a fourth album, Posi-Traction, the band dispersed in 1995, leaving Take-Shit as the only remaining member. Cocobat reformed in December 1996 with the addition of three new members–Hideki (vocals), Kame (drums) and Koji (guitar)–and released a fifth album titled Return of Grasshopper.



  • Cocobat Crunch (1993)
  • Struggle of Aphrodite (1993/re-released 1999)
  • Foot Prints in the Sky (1994)
  • Posi-Traction (1995)
  • Return of Grasshopper (1996)
  • Tsukiookami (1998)
  • I versus I (1999)
  • Supercharged Chocolate Meltdown (2001)
  • Ghost Tree Giant (2001)
  • Hammerslave-History 10×20 (2002)
  • Fireant Moving Co. (2004)
  • 12 Steps (2005)
  • Searching for Change (2009)


  • A Tourist Guide to Cocobat + Michael Brown (2004)
    • Tracks 1-17 taken from A Tourists Guide to Cocobat
    • Tracks 18-30 taken from Michael Brown


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