Cogswell Dam

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Cogswell Dam
Satellite view
Cogswell Dam is located in California
Cogswell Dam
Location of Cogswell Dam in California
Country United States
Location San Gabriel Mountains,
Angeles National Forest,
Los Angeles County,
Coordinates 34°14′41″N 117°57′55″W / 34.24472°N 117.96528°W / 34.24472; -117.96528Coordinates: 34°14′41″N 117°57′55″W / 34.24472°N 117.96528°W / 34.24472; -117.96528
Opening date 1935
Owner(s) Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Dam and spillways
Type of dam Rock-filled
Impounds West Fork San Gabriel River
Height 266 ft (81 m)
Height (foundation) 280 ft (85 m)[1]
Length 585 ft (178 m)
Spillway capacity 59,900 cu ft/s (1,700 m3/s)[1]
Creates Cogswell Reservoir
Total capacity 12,234 acre·ft (15,090,000 m3)
Catchment area 38.4 sq mi (99 km2)
Surface area 146 acres (59 ha)

Cogswell Dam is a rockfill dam on the West Fork of the San Gabriel River in Los Angeles County, California. It is in the San Gabriel Mountains, northeast of Mount Wilson, and within the Angeles National Forest.

It forms Cogswell Reservoir, which has a capacity of 8,969 acre feet (11,063,000 m3).[2]

It serves mainly for flood control in conjunction with San Gabriel Dam and Morris Dam downstream. San Gabriel Dam lies 13 miles (21 km) downstream.[3]


Bonds for the dam's construction were issued in 1924. Construction began March 1932 and was completed April 1934, at a total cost of US$3,127,762.[3]

The rock-fill dam, built by the Los Angeles County Flood Control District, is 585 feet (178 m) long, 266 feet (81 m) tall (measured from the stream bed), 18 feet (5.5 m) wide at the top, and contains 1,044,945 cubic yards (798,918 m3) of material. Its crest is 2,412 feet (735 m) above sea level and 27 feet (8.2 m) above the certified water storage elevation.[2]

The dam rests on crystalline granite bedrock. The buttress is 750 feet (230 m) thick at the base, and the height from foundation to crest is 285 feet (87 m). There are concrete cutoff walls and a concrete facing slab on the dam's upstream side.[3]

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