Coldharbour Recordings

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Coldharbour Recordings
Coldharbour Recordings logo.png
Founded 2005
Founder Markus Schulz
Distributor(s) Armada Music (2005-2013), Black Hole Recordings (2015)
Country of origin United States
Location Miami, Florida
Official website Coldharbour Recordings

Coldharbour Recordings /ˈkldhɑːrbər/ is an electronic dance music label founded and owned by German trance DJ and producer Markus Schulz in 2005.[1] The label was formerly a sublabel of Armada Music until 2013 when Schulz took the label independent.[2][3] It is named after Coldharbour Lane, a road in South London where Schulz's first studio was located.

In 2010 Coldharbour celebrated its 100th release by releasing remixed classics from the label itself.

The label went independent from Armada Music in mid-2013, until it became a part of Black Hole Recordings in the beginning of 2015.[4][5]

Coldharbour Red Recordings, now defunct, was formerly a sublabel of Armada Music founded in 2007 by Markus Schulz.


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