In Trance We Trust

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In Trance We Trust
Parent company Black Hole Recordings
Founded 1998
Country of origin Netherlands
Official website

In Trance We Trust (ITWT) is a Dutch record label owned by Tijs Verwest and Arny Bink.[1] It is a sublabel of Black Hole Recordings, established in 1998 and best known for its clubbier and a little harder side of trance music, and for its compilation of the same name. As of 2014, Menno de Jong is the A&R manager.



Artist Albums
  • ITWT 001 ALBUM Eyal Barkan - V.I.P.
  • ITWT 002 ALBUM First State - Time Frame
  • ITWT 003 ALBUM Tom Cloud - A New Day
  • ITWT 004 ALBUM T4L - Biogenesis
  • ITWT 005 ALBUM Tom Cloud - The Sky Is The Limit
Digital Albums
  • ITWT 001 DIGITAL ALBUM Impact - Immortal Vision
  • ITWT 002 DIGITAL ALBUM Midway - Equator


DJ Mixes
  • ITWT DC 01 Various Artists - In Trance We Trust: Collected Works
Xtra Nordic Edition
  • ITWT 001 CDX John Storm - In Trance We Trust Xtra Nordic Edition
  • ITWT 002 CDX SL - In Trance We Trust Xtra Nordic Edition 2
  • ITWT 003 CDX SL - In Trance We Trust Xtra Nordic Edition 3
Australia Series
  • ITWTAU001 First State & James Brooke - In Trance We Trust Australia 001
  • ITWTAU002 Lange & Steve Strangis - In Trance We Trust Australia 002


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