Collabs Tape

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Collabs Tape
Collabs Tape.jpg
Mixtape by
ReleasedJune 27, 2006
GenreHip hop
LabelJunkadelic Zikmu
Kool Keith chronology
The Lost Masters, Vol. 2
Collabs Tape
In High Definition
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3.5/5 stars[1]

Collabs Tape is an official mixtape by American rapper and producer Kool Keith. It was released on June 27, 2006 for Junkadelic Zikmu and was produced by Kool Keith and DJ Junkaz Lou. The entire CD consisted of collaborations Keith had done with other artists, including Analog Brothers, Born 2wice, Brainpower, Clayborne Family, Esham, Guru, Princess Superstar, Smut Peddlers, The Cenobites, The Diesel Truckers, The Prodigy, Tim Dog, Viktor Vaughn, and Ol' Dirty Bastard.[2]

Track listing[edit]

1."Collabs Intro" (featuring DJ Junkaz Lou)1:11
2."Mankind Theme" (featuring Ol' Dirty Bastard)3:04
3."Biology 101" (featuring Sir Menelik)3:33
4."Sugar" (featuring Nancy Des Rose)3:24
5."Return of the B. Girl" (featuring T Love)3:48
6."Freestyle" (featuring Chino XL)3:11
7."Bamboozled (Junkaz Lou Remix)" (featuring Marc Live, Jacky Jasper, Dr. Octopuss & Sinistre)4:45
8."I Ain't Having It" (featuring Tim Dog)3:13
9."Me Showed Up" (featuring Jacky Jasper)2:19
10."Young Ladies" (featuring GuRu, Big Shug & Patra)3:47
11."Voices" (featuring Godfather Don)2:33
12."What's Up Now" (featuring H-Bomb & Marc Live)3:53
13."Doper Skiller" (featuring MF Doom)2:09
14."Exclusive 1"4:38
15."Party Baby" (featuring Roger Troutman)3:31
16."Outtatowniggaz" (featuring Tim Dog & Born 2wice)3:03
18."Static" (featuring Sadat X)2:09
19."Destruction Mission" (featuring Earatik Statik & Black Silver)3:42
20."Exclusive 2"3:06
21."Freaks" (featuring El Gant)4:45
22."Diesel Power" (featuring Prodigy)4:20
23."Mental Side Effects" (featuring H & FatHed)4:05
24."Can't Fuck Wit This" (featuring Marc Live)4:12
25."Hands on Experience, Pt. 2" (featuring Bobbito Garcia, The High & Mighty & What? What?)4:14
26."Shake It Baby" (featuring Motion Man)3:15
27."Truck Jewlz" (featuring Black Silver)2:12
28."Kick a Dope Verse (Remix)" (featuring Godfather Don)3:25
29."King of NY" (featuring Dan the Automator)3:24
30."Operation X"3:10
31."Keith n Me" (featuring Princess Superstar)4:16
32."On tha Track" (featuring H-Bomb)2:26
33."Analog Annihilator vs. Silver Surfer" (featuring Ice-T)3:28
34."Stank MC's" (featuring Smut Peddlers)4:23
35."Magnetische Velden" (featuring Brainpower)3:00
36."How We Got It" (featuring Rhymestyle, Black Silver & Mr. Tan)3:35
37."Checkin' tha Doe" (featuring Clayborne Family & Tim Dog)3:39
38."Freestyle" (featuring Ice-T)1:10
39."Supreme Sound" (featuring Nancy Des Rose)1:23
40."Ultra Reunion" (featuring Ced-Gee)3:25
41."You're Late" (featuring Cenobites & Percee P)3:10
42."All Night Everyday" (featuring Esham & Heather Hunter)4:55
Total length:2:19:59



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