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"Colony" was originally published in the June 1953 issue of Galaxy Science Fiction.

"Colony" is a science fiction short story by American writer Philip K. Dick. It was first published in Galaxy magazine, June 1953. The plot centers on an expedition to an uncharted planet, on which the dominant, predatory alien life form is capable of precise mimicry of all kinds of objects. The size and complexity of the mimicked object can vary from simple doormats to whole spaceships with the larger objects usually attempting to trap and "absorb" humans similar to carnivorous plants.

The story was adapted for radio for the series X Minus One, airing on October 10, 1956.

About the story[edit]

Accompanying the story in the June 1953 issue of Galaxy, Dick wrote:

The ultimate paranoia is not when everyone is against you, it's when everything is against you. Instead of "My boss is plotting against me", it would be "My boss' phone is plotting against me". [1]


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