Columna Libertaria Joaquin Penina

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The Columna Libertaria Joaquin Penina – in English: Joaquin Penina Libertarian Column (CLJP) – is a regional anarchist political organization from Rosario, Argentina. It was founded in late 2008.[1] The name refers to Joaquin Penina, an anarchist bricklayer from Rosario who disappeared in 1930 by the dictatorship of José Félix Uriburu. The CLJP aligns in the specifism tendency, ideological trend influenced by Mikhail Bakunin, Errico Malatesta, Luigi Fabbri, Camillo Berneri, Ricardo Flores Magon, Ettore Mattei, Carlo Cafiero and others. The organization argues in its written the need to support anarchist organizations then regional federations. His stated intention as an organization is to influence with libertarian principles and ethics in the various social struggles, including those of union, territorial and cultural youths. The organization also participated in international solidarity campaigns.[2] Regularly engaged in ideological propaganda in various parts of their city and country.[3]


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