Come On Come On (Smash Mouth song)

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"Come On, Come On"
Song by Smash Mouth
from the album Astro Lounge
Released 1999 (1999)
Genre Ska punk, pop punk, surf rock
New wave[1]
Length 2:33
Label Interscope
Songwriter(s) Greg Camp
Producer(s) Eric Valentine
Astro Lounge track listing
  1. "Who's There"
  2. "Diggin' Your Scene"
  3. "I Just Wanna See"
  4. "Waste"
  5. "All Star"
  6. "Satellite"
  7. "Radio"
  8. "Stoned"
  9. "Then the Morning Comes"
  10. "Road Man"
  11. "Fallen Horses"
  12. "Defeat You"
  13. "Come On Come On"
  14. "Home"
  15. "Can't Get Enough of You Baby"

"Come On Come On" is a song by Smash Mouth from their 1999 album Astro Lounge. The song was first recorded for The East Bay Sessions, a demo recorded prior to the band's first album, and was also included on Smash Mouth's 2005 best-of album, All Star Smash Hits.


A reviewer for The A.V. Club referred to "Come On Come On" as "over-the-top pop" in a positive review for Astro Lounge.[2] Martin Huxley of BMI's MusicWorld cited "Come On Come On" as an example of a song that demonstrates Smash Mouth's "pithy mix of... punk, ska, hip-hop, surf, bubblegum and psychedelic influences."[3]

In other media[edit]

"Come On Come On" has appeared in several cinematic masterpieces and has been released on soundtracks, including:

The song was also featured in the "Queen Bebe" episode of Kim Possible, a Gap commercial, and in a trailer for the 2000 film "Drowning Mona."


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